Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Little Cutie!

At last I am pleased with this little dolly quilt. I now have to sandwich it for hand quilting which I am looking forward to - it will be a nice little portable project when I am at sewing groups. I will either try the bamboo/cotton wadding or a new, very fine, wool wadding.

I have used reproduction fabrics and the borders are a beautiful Civil War Classics by Judie Rothermal.

Still no progress with Step 5 of OC - if there is enough of the blue, I will use it in my Blueberry Crush. In the piece it is a little drab, but it seems to really come up nicely with other colours around it.

Best wishes everyone!

4 Lovely People said ...:

Julia said...

Hi lurlune,
I love this one, the blue really makes this little quilt, and the hand quilting will really finish it off beautifully!

Candace said...

The new border makes all the difference, it's beautiful. It should be fun to hand quilt, as it is just the right size to be portable.

Candace said...

Boy, I need to look before I speak. I just saw the 2 together, and I see that it is an entirely new quilt. Love the changes. I still like the center of the previous one, but I 'really' like this entire little quilt.

Lilly said...

I was following link, and wound up here. Love your little dolly quilt. I like the second version much better. Maybe because it is a litter scrappier. I like scrappy quilts. Your blog is very nice. I have enjoyed my visit, and will be back again.