Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just Kidding!

I don't know if you remember, there a little while back, I posted about our Australian flora showing you pics of our wonderful Blackboy Trees - they are very prolific here in Western Australia.

Yesterday, as I was walking the puppies around my lake (not really MY lake, just the one very close by in suburbia!), I came across these glorious specimens - those very tall whitish things reaching up from the top of the leaves are their flowers - isn't nature just amazing? I will say, simple things make me happy, and I am easily pleased - these certainly do - just love them!

I don't usually walk everywhere with my camera, but yesterday I knew there was a beautiful pelican swimming about and I had hope to get a nice pic of him!

I bet you are all saying "There she goes again!" - not really, just kidding! Fat-quarters galore! And they're not mine - boo, hoo! I think I will have to buy some, though. Aren't they just gorgeous? Only $4 a FQ - could SAVE a lot of money here! These I am auditioning for another Split 9-Patch!
This crate has a lot of Reproductions - many of them are the nice bright ones I love so much - in the middle row to the left are Regency Dandy - Circa 1810!

These are mainly modern/retros - just beautiful! Wish I did own them all - there is nothing here I couldn't use!
Julia has just tagged me - don't know much what it is all about - guess I will have to make time to Post again tomorrow - all about Me, me, me! - as though I don't do enough of that without really trying ! If you don't want to know, just miss my next Post, ha, ha!
I'm off to a the beautiful Avalon Homestead here in WA on Thursday morning for a retreat - only 2 sleeps to go - we are all excited! Meals on Wheels are organized for Mum so I'm going to quilt my little fingers to the bone!
Happy day everyone!

8 Lovely People said ...:

Unknown said...

Have a Great retreat Lurline...just what you need before the chaos of xmas...

Anonymous said...

What a lovely blog you have! I'm visiting from Julia's and wanted to say hello. Have a great day.

Janet said...

All of these fabrics are really lovely, especially the bright repros. I made your recipe for powder puffs for my last sewing night and they were a real hit so thanks, I'll be making those again. Enjoying your lovely blog

Julia said...

Oh dear Lurline!...all those fabrics, Lynnie just might find you have bought the lot!
great photo of the grass trees..
Hugs Julia

Myra said...

Wow! I go away for a few days to a quilt retreat, and then have sooooo much to catch up on when back!!!
Looks like you've been busy Lurline! Love the tree photo. We have nothing like that here! Gorgeous FQs! Wonderful bags!
I bet you are sure looking forward to your retreat!?! 8-)

Unknown said...

Have a great retreat , by the way who is watching that beautiful fabric while you're gone.
Clare's Craftroom

Nanette Merrill said...

Lovely pictures. It is fun to see your country. The fat quarters are lovely too. Wouldn't it be great if they grew on those trees!

Kris said...

Ah! I wish i had all those fabrics too!