Friday, December 5, 2008

Socks & Frogs!

Maree from On My Verandah has bestowed this award to all her favourite Bloggers mentioned on her Sidebar - so I am proud to display it - thanks, Maree! I love to receive these awards, but must admit I am a bit of a slack-tart about passing them on - must think of a nice way to do it without upsetting anyone. I have lots of favourite blogs listed and often pop into new ones - I just love the whole Blogland thing - so much inspiration out there and I want to do everything!

Nuh, nuh, Julia - you won't be struck off my Christmas list - have a look at THIS! I have been talking about sock-knitting, well, yesterday I went to my local patchwork group and knitted my little fingers to the bone - now I am ready for Lesson 2 next Tuesday, knitting the heel.

Isn't this wool just wonderful - knits up into a sort of fair-isle pattern - knitting is not my forte as I find it gets boring - not with this glorious yarn, though - everchanging! Using the four needles and slipping the stitches back and forth on the wires is a bit mind boggling at first, but the results are so neat!

The bright hank at the top is cotton - so soft and beautiful - Lynnie will show us how to make a scarf soon!
Six frogs on one leaf at Avalon - nature never ceases to amaze! I love frogs and was very chuffed at this sight - they are an endangered species in Queensland as the cane toad has nearly wiped them out. There was hanky-panky going on earlier, so looks like the species will survive very nicely here in Western Australia!

I posted my Dolly Quilt Swap 5 to Char yesterday, so here's hoping it arrives safely before Christmas!
I have a busy weekend planned - guess we are all that way at this time of year - so happy weekend everyone - hugs!
PS - I know, anyone who leaves a comment on this Post may copy Kreativ Blog Award - how's that?

5 Lovely People said ...:

Anonymous said...

I love how your socks are shaping up. Very colorful and interesting pattern. The frogs are so cute! Looking forward to Tuesday's session and more photos. Have a great weekend.

Julia said...

Your sock looks great Lurline.
Your wool made up into a beautiful pattern...We're even now, good, I won't be off your list.
I'm looking forward to Tuesday and some more fun time with the girls.
Hugs Julia

Abby and Stephanie said...

Hi Lurline!

I've tried to avoid commenting on your blog so I didn't make you suspicious about your SSCS partner. :o) Glad to know your package arrived. By the way...I was the blog you saw the Donkey quilt on. :o)

em's scrapbag said...

Your socks look great. Makes me want to learn. Congrats on your award. You deserve it!

Bonnie said...

Where, oh where, did you find that gorgeous yarn? Cotton/wool/mixed. I want some! Your sock looks far better than mine did. (Oh course, mine are finished!) I want to try the two needle thing but I am having a problem finding the right size needles. (in other words, the two stores I looked in didn't have them and they were general craft stores not yarn shops.) Oh well. I'll check the internet after I finish the sweater I just started.