Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Beautiful Needlecraft by Nancy!

Yesterday, Julia and I travelled to join up with our Girlfriends! at Louise's place - a lovely day, thanks Louise, and nice to see your new house,too!

It was nice to have a bit of fun and cheeky conversations in times that are so gloomy for Australia! We send each other up a lot and this makes for a lot of laughter - also, we do solve a lot of the world's problems with more serious discusson from time to time!

Louise's dear friend, Nancy joined us and brought along her beautiful needlework for all to enjoy! I took quite a few pics and today I'm showing you the very gentle pieces! The cross-stitch is so fine and delicate, stitched on 32-count linen!

Very beautiful hardanger - twelve months work so far and more to do as you can see - it will be a true masterpiece!
Happy House Swappers are still coming in - this is really great - another four to add to the list when I have finished this Post. Sheila has asked if it is possible for her niece, The Faeri Queen -in England to join and Sheila will take care of the postage - a wonderful idea! Welcome to you both and also to Narelle an Tracey!
Must make today a constructive one - though it is going to be very hot! I need to think about sashing and borders for my angels, so may pop out!
Prayers and thoughts will be carried in my heart for all those hit by our tragedy!
PS - Aussie Girls - please visit Tia of Campfollwer Bags and Quilts and join in her Bushfire Quilt Project! Tia has generously offered to assemble and quilt blocks we donate!
Also, Peg of Happy in Quilting has made a wonderful appeal - do follow developments there, also if you'd like to help!

7 Lovely People said ...:

Julia said...

It was a lovely day yesterday, Lurline.
I was speechless when I saw Nancy's beautiful work...
great to see more joining us in the house swap..
Julia ♥

quiltingnana said...

32 linen!!! she must have great eyesight!How beautiful

Jossie said...

It is gorgeous. It looks like lace. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cross stitch. Amazing talent.

Mel said...

It's so nice you have good friends to keep your spirits up during this hard time in your country!

Beautiful work, thanks for sharing with us!

Donna said...

You are so right! Nancy's work is beautiful. I love cross-stitch on linen.

Mistea said...

thanks for sharing and the welcome, the cross stitch is beautiful.