Saturday, February 21, 2009

Prison Escape - I Am Liberated Again!

Talk about a severe mood swing - no, not really - but, how could one not feel bright and cheery quilting in this fashion - liberated! Not feeling quite as perky as usual and didn't feel like applying myself to anything this morning - thought perhaps I would just sit down and snip my raggy quilt - not at all like me to spend time through the day doing something like that!

So it was washing, folding, shopping and a little sewing in between! Dinner is partly cooked, a little bit of computer time, tidy up strippy mess and relax with my snipping for the evening - to bed early and a little read of Nora Roberts 'Northern Lights' - very little daylight, lots of darkness and snow and a corpse found on a mountain!

Above, my liberated Log Cabins - a quilt for Tyler (18)? - maybe not - I love playing with colour and do not find it easy to make sombre, blokey quilts! Heck of a lot of fun and easy-peasey it's going to be hard to go back to precision quilting!

While I was sewing, my mind went back to a quilt I made for older, twin grandson now nearly 13. Christine, of Once Upon a Quilt ... will remember this, I think she helped me kick off with the wonky stars, then I pieced it in quilt-as-you-go method! I was certainly liberated then!

Maybe you'll have to click to enlarge this to see my machine stippling/meandering - it was never good enough for me at that time -now I think 'gee, that wasn't so bad'. Must have a try again one day soon - unfortunately have lost quite a lot mobility in my left arm/shoulder since then - but, I'll try!
The label for this quilt tells me I made it in 2002 - not mentioning the mushy stuff a nanna writes to her grandson - I did write, 'Bailey - when you sleep under the stars, you will be safe and happy'! Another one is 'When you sleep under stars, you sleep under love'!
Wouldn't this be a nice little thought to write on our starry, Comfort Quilts! There are so many being made at the moment. If you haven't seen Julia's at Julia's Place do pop over to pay a visit - you'll enjoy!
My 'Happy House' builders have quite a bit to show and tell -great work, Girls - will tell folks in my next Post!
Off to try to relax for a little while before cleaning up quilting mess - why does quilting have to be this way!
Enjoy Your Weekend - Hugs♥

13 Lovely People said ...:

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Hey you sleep?
yesterday your grandson quilt was the front of a book and a pile of lovely today..look what you have done, it looks all your other projects today, I have done my first wonky house...yeap its wonky..

Unknown said...

I really love your work your family is so lucky .
clares craftroom

Mel said...

Yeah - get liberated!!! Burn the bras and rulers!!

Love your cabins!!

Betsy said...

Lurline both quilts are adorable..
I need to try a liberated one.
I too struggle with patterns for men quilts.
So i made my husband and son Sea life quilts.
Email me and I will send you a pic.

quiltingnana said...

what a wonderful nana you are!!!

Kristie said...

Love your new blocks! Very nice! I also find it hard sometimes to change from easy to hard piecing. You always do such an amazing job!

Browndirtcottage said...

This is GREAT! I just LOVE ALL styles of quilts!
If it involves fabric, needle and thread...I'm

Julia said...

I love it..
It's bright, fun and gorgeous Lurline!
You did so much yesterday..
I think this may be the way to go...we fuss so much on getting every point so perfect...
I think I could quite turn into a wonky fan!
Can't wait to see it on Tuesday..
Hugs Julia

Jodi Nelson said...

Awesome scrappy quilt! Love it Lurline! You should join Anina's group.

Myra said...

Your blocks are great Lurline! Quick fun! 8-)
Love the other quilt too! Lucky grandsons...
Did I read right? You wrote "very little daylight, lots of darkness and snow". I thought it was Summer down your way?

Erin said...

The wonky log cabins look fantastic! I love brightly coloured quilts )

Cathy said...

Beautiful colourful quilts...Your work is always great to look at..well done!! CAthyx

Anonymous said...

Your post made me feel as if I were there with you visiting. I love when you share what your days are like and oh what beautiful quilts.