Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dresden Plate Tutorial!

As promised, here is my Dresden Plate made from Kaffe fabrics, using a Dresden Wedge Ruler that I had custom-made from perspex and measures 8.5" along the middle line. This plate measures approx 19" across the diameter, measuring outer tip to outer tip. I really love it and I am very happy with it, however here in Australia, I think it may be difficult to get a Dresden wedge that measures longer than 8" along the middle line. I had wonderful thoughts of using 2.5" pre-cut Jelly Roll Strips and to achieve accuracy the wedge has to be 8.5"!
So here it is made with my Dresden Wedge Ruler that I had custom made!
Here are the instructions for making a Dresden Plate, using a commercially available 8" wedge - I have been able to find EZ and Matilda's Own. The diameter is approx 17" - all seam allowances are 1/4" - enjoy!
Cut 4 strips of fabric 2.25" wide - this can be made from scrap pieces, fat quarters, or width of fabric - maybe the more you use the more interesting the plate becomes - try for 20 co-ordinating fabrics minimum, though 10 would do!

Sew the fabrics together, place your ruler at the 7.5" line and cut with a rotary cutter. You will notice the ruler can be topped and tailed.

You will also notice how I have pressed the seams in opposite directions so they will interlock nicely when sewn together.

Now, fold each wedge of 4 fabrics in half and sew a seam across the top, double stitching and clipping the corner. This will help to make a nice, sharp point.
Fold top down with seam in line with the middle line made by the iron, and this makes a nice point using bluntish scissors, skewer or knitting needle to poke the point out nicely.
Sew wedges together, say in 4 lots of 5, and you will have 20 wedges total!

Chain piecing can be used!

Whew - half way there! How are you going?

Press the seams on the back all in the one direction - you will notice how all seams have nestled into each other and the half plate is sitting flat. Make another half in this manner and sew both halves together!

Okay, so now your full plate is made and all seams pressed in the one direction on the back!

Make your centrepiece with a 3.5" diameter piece of light cardboard, leaving 1/4" seam allowance all around! Hand-sew a running thread around the circumference and draw the thread into a gather to fit snugly around the circle!

Use a little spray starch to press nicely, then pop the cardboard out of the centrepiece, tack around the edge and sew with tiny blind stitches around the centrepiece, attaching it securely to the wedges!
I do hope this is a helpful tutorial - the patterns for both blocks are my own! It is after 10pm our time - it has been a busy day, so I would love to have your feedback - please contact me if I have omitted anything or given incorrect information - it has been a buzz to do this tutorial and I intend trialling smaller blocks - all would make a nice quilt or cushion cover! There are quite a few other tips that will be useful, but best leave them for another time - hope you aren't yawning and over it!
Oh, to finish up and into bed after a very hot summer's day - it is lovely and cool tonight - to read an interesting book will be just lovely!


  1. I LOVE the scrappy look. I do think I need a wedge ruler just to make this block. Great pictures.

  2. **gasp**
    OMGoodness! THANK YOU for sharing this! Every time I see these style of blocks (not just the simple Dresden, but the little-piece Dresden), I think "NEVER! Too hard!"
    BUT, I didn't realize how do-able they were. Oh dear, oh dear. I know what ruler may be added to my C'mas list :0)
    Thank you for taking the time to take all these pics and post the streps!

  3. I love this scrappy dresden. Thanks for the great tute. I've bookmarked it. Nifty notions wedge ruler measures 12" and can be used for dresdens. Can you get these rulers in Austrilia?

  4. Lurline, Thanks so much for the tutorial. I loved the pics after your weekend getaway and am so glad to know how to do this. This will definitely be in my quilting future. Your blocks turned out beautiful!

  5. Lurline, thank you so much for the tutorial. I am really looking forward to making some of these, especially in the Kaffes. (my favorite!)

  6. How fun! Thanks for the inspiration! :-) Your block is beautiful.

  7. Lurline, could I ask a favor? I really want to make some dresdens, but I don't have the ruler. Can you tell me how wide the bottom line of your ruler is? Also the 4 inch marker. So I can a duplicate of your ruler. I'm using layer cakes whigh are only 10x10. You can read all about my mistakes on my blog.
    Frustrated in Paradise, Brandie

  8. Excellent tutorial Lurline! I shall be trying it out!!! Thanks! 8-)

  9. Ingenious! Thanks for sharing your very clear instructions with all of us. I'm usually not a gadget person, but I think this ruler is a must have.

  10. So gorgeous! I must make this!!! Thanks so much!

  11. Lurline, this has got to be the most stunning dresdan plate that I have ever seen! Thanks for the great tutorial...I must make some of these!

  12. Oh my Heavens it is so beautiful!! Thank you for all the work you did to share this with us!! If you are taking orders, I will send you my fabric!!! (LOL) Hugs!

  13. That Dresden Plate is just divine - love it. Thanks for the tutorial-very clear instructions and now I think i need another gadget!!!

  14. very very cool! the instructions and pictures are just great! thanks

  15. Looks great...I am dresden fan from way back...great tut!

  16. So bright and cheerful! What a fun design with all the different fabrics. Nice job Lurline, and great tutorial too!

    We're just above freezing here today and it's been snowing all day!


  17. Beautiful Lurline...great tutorial!
    Julia ♥

  18. Wow! your photos are so helpful, I love the finished dresden! Thank you, Lurline.
    :-} pokey

  19. I just so love all that wonderful colour Love the finished dresden.Adore the Kaffe block especially.:-)
    Thankyou so much for the inspiration
    Have a Great Day

  20. Lurline, Thank you for this tutorial. I just the pieced dresdens, they are beautiful. I can't wait to do this myself. But I think that it will have to wait until after the holidays.

  21. Well I've made lots of dresdens but that strippy scrappy one is gorgeous!!!

  22. Fabulous tutorial Lurline. Lots of work and time has been put into this so thank you bunches! I'm going to look for a ruler. Gorgeous blocks.

  23. So Cute! Thank you for sharing the tutorial. ♥

  24. Thanks Lurline for the inspiration. I love your blog.

  25. Thank You Lurline for yout informative tutorial.Will file it and must make a quilt using the scrappy method. Looks goreous!!

  26. Thank you so very much Lurline. What a wonderful tutorial and I love your fabrics. I am going to print it all out and I must see if I can buy one of those wedges here. Thanks again

  27. What a wonderful tutorial. I can't wait to try to make one. Your fabrics are so beautiful. I'll have to create a link on my blog. I'm going now to check my wedge and see how long it is.

  28. Lurline they are gorgeous! Another thing for my "to do" list, you are so clever!!!

  29. Love your Dresdens.. and thanks for the tutorial... :o) This will be some fun to try out!! :o)

  30. I promise I will have a go after I find one of those rulers what a clever thing. I already have a jelly roll for it, will let you know how I go.
    Hugs Bec

  31. Oh my ..... fantastic tutorial ..... I have this one earmarked to make in the new year!

  32. Thank you so much, Lurline! What a pretty, pretty Dresden this makes! Can't wait to make one/some. :-)

  33. How do you recommend finishing the back? Thank you!

  34. Thank you so very much Lurline - fantastic tutorial. I look forward to making at least one of these very soon.

  35. You make it look so easy. I'm definitely going to give this Tutorial a try. Thank you.


  36. I am hoping my girls get me a few rulers for Christmas; the wedge was one of them that I want. After seeing your tute I REALLY want one BAD now! I have plans of making dresden plate placemats for my Thanksgiving use like chargers....simply beautiful in my mind's eye anyway!

  37. Just beautiful. I have never seen one done this way (stripey) I would like to feature this tutorial on my blog in a week or two. I have some other things to get on there first, but it is marvelous. I will like our blog to you.


  38. Well I really like it. I think my MIL would rather have this on her table than a table runner. I think you did a great job. I so appreciate it. I've been thinking of how much I like it since I saw it the other day. Tutorials can be a pain but they do help so many people. Nice job.

  39. I have nominated you for an award, do check out my blog.

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  41. I have this template and love it! After several dresden plates I still love them. I have a very old one my great grandmother made in the 1930's! Keep up the great work!

  42. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. The Dresdens are just gorgeous, and I will have to try this one day!

  43. thank you for sharing this with us. I may try this one I think it would look great in 1930s fabrics

  44. This is a fantastic idea...I absolutely LOVE it. I will have to try it with all my scraps I have left over. I have tried putting two material, so the wedge is 1/2 one color on one side and another color on the other side and It came out cute (the sew line runs top to bottom).But, I love your's better. Thank you for sharing this!

  45. Wow, that must be the mac daddy of dresden blocks. I've never seen one so beautiful. thank you for the tutorial, I'm going to bookmark it.

  46. Wonderful Tut and so simplified I must try it and what a way to use up scrapes. I'm from the Reedsburg,Wi quilt guild and I'm so glad you were willing to share, Thanks loads Juneb

  47. thank you Lurline for this great tutorial. I made a Dresden plate before, but not this kind of, will give it a try. But firstable I have to manage our move back to Germany. Greetings from Poland: Brigitte

  48. I have to buy a wedge ruler! Your Dresden plate is SUPER, thanks for the tutorial!

  49. Your Dresden plate is stunning. Thank you for the tutorial. My first priority is to find a wedge I can use for it.

  50. And how did you finish the back? With a circle hand stitched or ????

  51. Amazing tutorial. I am crazy about Dresden Plates and 30s fabrics - so this is something I must try. I'll have to get the ruler first, it looks like it makes it so much easier to cut the pieces. I have a blog post coming about Dresden Plates I have right now.

  52. je vouwt de wig dubbel = op elkaar en dan stik je maar hoeveel naad en van vouwlijn naar de zijkant? schuin opwelke afstand eindig je dan van boven schuin naar beneden 1 inch of meer ik kom hier niet zo goed uit wilt u het nog een keer uitleggen? lenie

  53. Someone just pointed me in the direction of this tutorial on your blog.
    This is wonderful! It takes me back to quilts of my childhood many, many years ago! Thank you for creating and sharing such beauty!

  54. I have been wanting to do something with my new dresden ruler, but not the same old boring dresden block. Love your block, can't wait to try!

  55. As a relative newcomer to patchwork and quilting I am always pleased to learn something new.
    Thank you for your generosity in sharing your technique.

  56. Beautiful Dresdan plates and a wonderful tutorial!
    I've forwarded it to a friend who is thinking about making them! I love the fabrics you've used! Thanks for sharing! Mary Ann

  57. can I make this ruler from card stock

  58. Sorry I did want to say your dresden blocks are beautiful. and have got me intrested in making a quilt of this block thanks for sharing

  59. WOW! This is so pretty! and what a great way to do a Dresden plate!! Thank you for this tutorial, I think I too will have to go get this ruler to make just this block ;)) Cheers Elly

  60. hi...tutorial was great but what about a backing?

  61. HOW FUN! I can't wait to play with this dresden!! Thank you so much for the tutorial =)

  62. Thanks so much for taking the time to create this tutorial! I'm working on my dresden right now!

  63. Oh you are a clever girl.......I love playing Dresden's and when I finish the Christmas one.......???

  64. Hello,
    I like your colorfull Dresden plate

  65. Do you make the 8.5 strips into a quilt or wallhanging? If a quilt, What size is your background piece? What size do you recommend for a quilt? LOVE the pattern as I love to do scrappy. Have a lot of 30s that I plan to use for this.


  66. Hello Lurline,
    Thank you for share your beautiful quilts

  67. Looks like a great way to use up some of my overflowing scrap strip baskets. Never heard of a Dresden wedge ruler.

  68. I just found this tutorial from a link at The Quilting Board. I love it! This block looks complicated but isn't! I want to go make one right now!

  69. I'm drooling here! How absolutely beautiful! You're a master! Thank you for the tutorial!

  70. I'm definely going to try this version on of the plates it looks really fun and original and whats even better it can be made out of scraps!

  71. This is so pretty - thank you for sharing your talents.

    Vic Australia

  72. Ok- I see that this was posted in 2009 & here we are pushing 2012. I'm a little slow. :) I came across your tutorial link on Pinterest. It is wonderful. I bought one of these rulers and I've been having a blast with it. I made small wall hangings with a turkey sitting on a fence for Thanksgiving for my sister and myself. The turkey tail is two 1/2 rows of the dresdan plate. I cannot wait to try your technique to make some of these lovely blocks. Thats halve the fun of quilting is watching people look at your work and hear them say, "How did she DO that?" Hehehe. Unlike magicians, quilters don't mind to share their talents and secrets with others. Just not for a while. LOL. So anyway- thanks so much for the great tutorial. I appreciate it.

  73. A Dresden is definitely on my To Do list fort 2012, and now I just might have to make two!!

  74. OMG, thank you Pleasant Home for showing me this link. I can't get done fast enough to give this one a try! Thank you for sharing this tutorial!!!! LOVE<3

  75. I know how I will be using my EZ Dresden ruler! This will surely take 2 things off my 2012 'to do' list...dresdens and using my scraps! Thanks for the tutorial!

  76. What a great tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing. I can't wait to get into my scraps!

  77. This is ingenious!! Thanks a million.

  78. what an awesome way to make the dresden blades. good job. I am going to give this a try.

  79. stunning! I love the kaffe fabs one so much.

  80. Love the Dresden tutorial. I will try this.

  81. I love it! it's funny I'm from the Us...(Mid west), and I always seem to click on things I like only to find they are 9 times out of 10 Australian Quilters...

  82. Stunning tutorial. Makes me want to grab a needle though I'm no quilter. I agree with the above comment about the Australian bloggers. Wonderful!

  83. Beautiful block. Thank you for sharing.

  84. Absolutely wonderful!! Thank you so much for sharing your talents!

  85. This is absolutely fabulous and I can't wait to give it a try. It's time I made something just for me. Thanks so much for all the work you put into the tutorial.

  86. I don't quilt, but have always loved Dresden plates. I am going to try and make a few for pillows or a small "fabric art" piece. Thanks!!

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  88. so what degree is your wedge ruler .I have found 15* ,30* or 20* thanks ahead sue vandee

  89. I've just shared your tutorial via flickr and my blog as it's the same technique that I used for a recent project. Thanks for posting it so that I can direct others to it!

  90. I have a ruler that you might want to know about. Doheny Publications, 55 Melrose Ave. Tryon, NC 28782 United States. Phone 828-859-0234 I saw your pattern on Pinterest and love it. Thank you for sharing it. The Dresden plate.

  91. Absolutely lovely I must have this someday. Thank You LOL

  92. you make it look so easy with the EASY DRESDEN RULER , I will have to find one , I would love to try to make this block, Thank you for sharing it. DRESDEN PLATE

  93. Hugs back at you, Lurline. You have come up with yet another way to use those pesky scraps that we never want to part with. I will give this idea a try for round place mats for my dinette table.

  94. I made a plate the other day from a different website, they didn't mention to press the seams in opposite direction as you sew them up. nor did they say to clip the corner to make the point. I will try your way next time, Thanks.

  95. Thankyou for sharing, looks terrific and very clear instructions.Hope mine looks as good as yours.

  96. Nice block! It's beautiful! Thank for sharing that Tutorial with us! A hug!

  97. Thanks for this beautifull tutorial.


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