Sunday, May 3, 2009

Life Is a Bed of Roses!

Another beautiful day, the weather is just delightful, and should remain this way for the rest of the week - aren't we lucky! I promised myself I would take some respite from this computer - oh, well - it doesn't really matter!

On the left above - I have been bitten by the reproduction fabric bug again - I have a few projects in mind after being inspired by our Australian book, the Fabric of Society! So I ordered a few new fat-eighths from Patchwork on Stoneleigh - just described to Christine what I would like and they arrived in the mail a couple of days later - wonderful folk at that shop!

On the right - a lace edge I am knitting for my True Friendship quilt - I would like to get it finished before the quilt show, but somehow don't feel I will make it! Never mind, True Friendship is very special to me as it is!

A nice little collection of Australiana fabrics that Girlfriends have contributed to send to Gaby in Austria - thanks so much, Girls. Gaby and her group are doing a project with fabrics from around the world - they are on the big bird on their way now! Hope Gaby and her group enjoy them!

My very new rose Alec's Rise - the first blooms and I'm so in love - a very large rose with gorgeous fragrance! I went out and bought another yesterday!

Above, my climber, Don Juan, that I thought I had killed with too harsh a pruning last year - I didn't know one shouldn't prune climbers! I bought another bare rooted climber also, Red Pierre de Ronsard - sounds very promising! I love all colour roses, but have chosen to stay with red and white in my garden, though I must say I prefer the reds!
DH and Mum are behaving, sort of! Caring is very stressful, thank God for wonderful family and friends! Oh, and quilting (lol)!
Happy day!

15 Lovely People said ...:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful fabrics and lovely roses. I can almost smell the lovely fragrance Lurline!

aussiequilter said...

your fabrics are lovely-but I REALLY love your roses!Wish I could grow them cheers

Liz said...

Fabulous roses Lurline, I have the pink Pierre de Ronsard (4 now) and have been meaning to buy the red but haven't seen it for a while. A bit slow growing but well worth the wait. Hope the weather stays good for another few weeks, will be in Perth the end of May, so looking forward to it.
Big love, Lizzie

Joy said...

I love the way you do that knitted edge around your quilts!! So unique.
Gorgeous fabrics ... I wonder what they will become;o).
Joy :o)

West Michigan Quilter said...

Your roses are gorgeous! You give me hope that maybe, just maybe summer and roses will come to Michigan!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Lurline, I DO love your roses!!! As you have just discovered I adore them too. :-) I pruned a climber once and the next year it was stunning - I wonder if it's that we prune with love and they respond? ;-) Your knitted edge is sublime...oh, I am in awe. Truly beautiful.
Thanks for visiting my blog...

Erin said...

Its stunning weather this weekend in Adelaide also but its nice to see the grass a greener shade of yellow after all the rain! I love your new fabrics - enjoy the sunshine :)

Narelle said...

Me too! I can almost smell their beautiful scent. I need to replace one poor unfortunate bush and hope to find spots for a couple others.
Enjoy your beautiful weather.

antique quilter said...

oh pretty fabrics and I just ordered that book, finally its coming to the USA!!!!
I am so excited, so please tell what are you making, what kind of fabrics do you need?
I could send you a little package too :)

Anonymous said...

your new fabrics are lovely! i love the roses even more *smile*. they are beautiful. i've just made a bare-root order from treloar roses *smile*. i was always told to prune climbing roses in summer, which i've done for years, with spectacular results!

Abby and Stephanie said...

I can just smell the roses from here. Looking forward to seeing your new project.

Rumi said...

Lovely rose! So many roses have no fragrance, which is a shame!
Love your project--did you get my e-mail about knit edging patterns?

~ Phyllis ~ said...

I love the edgeing that you are knitting. It's beautiful.
Those roses are something else. Beautiful. Wish you had smell-a-vision.

quiltingnana said...

lovely Knockout roses are just beginning to bud and bloom...other varieties not quite ready yet

SueR said...

Oh, I like that knitted edging! Something else to add to my list of knitting things to learn. How exactly do you attach it? Needle and thread? Gorgeous roses!