Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Playing With the Baby!

I had a Girlfriend drop in this morning and am expecting another Girlfriend to drop in this afternoon and here I am playing! Should be tidying and folding clothes - how boring! Was to have gone to a Cancer Morning Tea today and am really belting myself up - often I find things 'too hard to do' these days - oh, when is it going to get better! Lots of clicking going on with my new camera - I do love it! I have made a few little Klosjes - I am not enjoying making them, but keep at it Girl!

I sent to Fresh Squeezed Fabrics for pinky off-cuts - here's the bundle - I'm really happy with them - thought maybe this year I would a softie for Holloween from this pattern, so ordered it, too! Great service, so I'm happy!

Another great little find - 6" squares of Liberty Paisley - associated with Kaffe Fasset! I just adore the range - fabulous colour - oh, I could put them to so many uses!

A stroll outside with my baby and I still have beautiful red roses smiling at me - a little neglected and probably the last bloom just before winter - rain is supposed to start this afternoon!
I told you I was buying bubbly for Mother's Day - the Girls and I enjoyed this little splurge - a fine Australian sparkling wine with hibiscus flowers? added - I think they are really rosellas!

Last but not least - my big boy, Ronan! He was an orphaned Siamese Fighter brought home to me by DD - he's the friendliest fish I have ever had and as you can see has a very healthy appetite - I so enjoy him!
I can hear you all saying 'thank God!' if you have managed to stay with me - maybe tomorrow I will start playing with my sewing machine again - hope so! Happy day!

27 Lovely People said ...:

Julia said...

Hi Lurline, I love the Liberty Paisley fabrics..I have always loved Paisley!
Klosjes are looking good, will be a lovely addition to the Green Tea and Sweet Beans
Take care, catch up soon.
Hugs Julia ♥

Jossie said...

Lovely posting Lurline. The klosjes are pretty and the new fabrics are just yummy.
Take good care of yourself and only one day at a time!

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Lovely to see what you are up to Lurline. I'm looking forward to Kaffe's second batch of liberty prints, they look divine too. xo

Sue-Anne said...

Your photos are fantastic Lurline. It looks like you have the new camera worked out. Love your Klosjes and your fabrics are gorgeous. Oh the colour in those roses are magnificent, I think I can smell them from here.

dragonfly gypsy said...

Hi, I had a Siamese Fighter that was the friendliest fish I ever had too. As soon as I came in the room he would roll over on his side so I would gently tickle his tummy. Typical male!!! Great post. Cheers Sharron

Teresa Rawson said...

Your klosjes are so bright and happy...I love the idea of a unified "neutral" - I don't find the process much fun either, but I hope they will become more mindless in the making and be a good activity while sitting through boring meetings. :o)

Terry said...

I thought everyone loved making the Klosjes! LOL They looked a but fussy to me but what do I know. ;0)

Love your roses! :0)

Margaret said...

Your baby takes great pictures! :D Love all the fabrics, the klosjes, and all the wonderful piccies too. Glad you're enjoying the new baby so much.

Barb said...

You do seem to be having fun with your your fabric and squares..

Nedra said...

Your new camera is working well! Thank you for showing all the lovely things going on in your part of the world.

Anonymous said...

Lurline, what beautiful roses. Great pics with the new camera. Now you just need your own quilted camera strap like Lizzie's. VBG. Love your fish, they have such wonderful colors. Smile girl, it will make you feel better. As my grandmother would say"any day that you are 6 feet on this side of the dirt, is a good day!" Southern wisdom, I guess. Lord is there not some truth in that? Quilty hugs to you and yours.

Blissfully Stitching,

Anonymous said...

beautiful, and fun array of fabrics waiting for you to do something nice with them! happy sewing!

nice to meet you!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Soggibottom said...

Love all the clicks :-~)
You forget, you have to be kind to YOU.....
Things take time.
Think you were very good with the splint "thing".
If it were me, it would have ended up thrown across the room long before yours did.....
Take pics and want to see you SMILE :-)
I mean it !

Janet said...

You have a lot of lovely photos there Lurline. Even though you're not enjoying the klosjes, they look so pretty. Take it easy on yourself, it's a long healing process.

Cardygirl said...

Sweet Klosjes...they are looking great! The Liberty's look rich & lovely.

Mel said...

Playing is lots more fun that folding clothes!!

Wonderful pics!!

Janet said...

You just have to unfold the clothes to wear them :0) I love your little klosjes - they're adorable. Your roses are gorgeous!! My rose bushes are just starting to show signs of life.

RG said...

Hi Lurline,
I think these are the most fun posts... the bits and pieces ones.
Love your klosjes - and the the fabrics you're using!
Love the beautiful fabrics too and the sparkling wine sounds very nice... did you like it??
Don't beat yourself up over not going.. I think we do what we can do these days... get there when you can.
Happy sewing.
Love your profile pic, by the way...lovely!

Rae Ann said...

I love the roses... the fabric... I love it all! Your posts are always so fun to read and... WOW... the pictures are great~

Nanette Merrill said...

Great photos. Love the bow ties. I can't get use to calling them klosjes. Or whatever.

Micki said...

I love your klosjes,all the lovely fabric, and I see that you got another Melly and Me pattern. I love them.
The roses are my favorite, so I enjoyed them too!

Deb said...

So many lovely photos here Lurline - Sorry to hear that you still aren't back to full capacity - it takes time, don't be too hard on yourself.

Myra said...

Great photos Lurline! Enjoy that new baby of yours! lol! ;-)

Dena said...

Your roses are beautiful and such a gorgeous shade of red. I love the embroidery on your table runner. Absolutely stunning!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lurline

Hope you are ok???


randi said...

so much loveliness here today! i hope you have lots of energy to play with your new fabrics soon! :)

Cubby House Crafts said...

Your blocks and fabrics are so lovely...Great pics too!