Friday, June 8, 2012

No Name Applique!

The first block is finished and I have enjoyed myself - this will be an interesting project as I have ideas buzzing around in my head - enough to keep me going at the moment. I will probably need some more fabrics - how sad!This is a little steam iron I bought at the show recently - made in Australia, I think, but I am going to type away like crazy while I can - Blogger is at it again, maybe I should change to the updated interface.
And some new fabrics I bought somewhere? Now I'm not a mauvey person, but I do love blue -I'm looking forward to using these!
I'm looking forward to snuggling up on a cold, wintry, wet night - dinner, tele/stitch then there's

my Kindle to snuggle in to read - enjoy your evening!

8 Lovely People said ...:

antique quilter said...

Ok I just adore that background fabric and that plaid you used for the flower
whose fabric is that plaid I NEED some of that!!!!
I have a flower block out too need to get going on appliquéing it though!
Have a wonderful weekend

Margaret said...

Love your block! Kim Mclean's quilts are just so cool! Love your fabric choices -- and the new fabric too!

Karen said...

Very interesting background fabric. And a well done applique design.

Shari said...

Very interesting. Love that background fabric. Should be a great quilt.

Teresa said...

I love that applique block Lurline.. the fabrics are so perfect. I might have to look out for one of those little irons at the show? That would be very handy with my little ironing board.. Looks pretty funny with a full size iron on it.

Kimonos and Sushi(OLD BLOG) said...

What vibrant colours can't wait to see the finished item... enjoy your Kindle

Jen said...

HI! Lurline,Don't be sad, haha Your applique block looks bright and happy with lovely fabric colours.
I also love those snuggly days and do the same.

kim mclean said...

Love the block Lurline, the background is fabulous with the colours! Kim McL