Thursday, September 6, 2012

Swaps - Triangle and Low Volume!

Back again with a little less frustration with Blogger! All Australian today, thank goodness.

Here's my 30+ Blue Triangles - I posted about the Swap a little while ago. My Girlfriends! and I are doing it on a monthly basis in the following colours: Blue, Green, Gold, Red and Purple. A nice idea!Here are the two fabric I have chosen for the Low Volume Swap. I certainly hope they meet the criteria - now they have to be cut into 5" squares and posted to the US. Just now I am going to put the badge on my sidebar - it is so long since I have done one, let's see if I can work it out.
I did have a little fiddle to get things back to normal on my blog - I had to right some wrongs and toss out some gremlins, I'm not looking forward to the new interface.

There is a lovely sewing retreat on this weekend coming, so it is off to do a bit of shopping for goodies. Lots of fabrics are waiting to be packed - how much will get stitched is the thing - I do tend to chatter a bit when with the girls - so much of my life is given to my family, that it is a bit of a thrill to be frivolous. I must take some bubbles, too - there are some things we just can't do without, lol!

Enjoy your weekend too!

9 Lovely People said ...:

Anonymous said...

lovely projects lurline.xx

Jen said...

HI! Lurline. Your blues are lovely blocks, and the Low Volume swap fabrics are very pretty. Enjoy your sewing retreat weekend sounds fun. Wish I was there,our group haven't been on retreat for a while, but must get organized for one soon.

Nedra said...

Blogger really has made a mess of things, haven't they? That they put your posts in Chinese is almost funny. (well, for us, not for you).
Have a wonderful sewing retreat with your girlfriends :)

Karen said...

I love blues!

Deborah said...

Lovely low volume fabrics! I'm in the swap, too!


I love those blues--and your low volume fabrics are neat!!
got to know this blogging thing is working better for you today--
so back to sewing!!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie

Pokey said...

Your low volume prints are neat, I'm looking forward to receiving your blocks!
I do like your hst's, what a cool idea to swap those. That looks like it would turn into something happy ~

Dora, the Quilter said...

Your low volume fabrics are great. I was a little worried about one of mine, but it turned out to have an even lower volume than I expected.

Nanette Merrill said...

great method, love half square triangles