Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pottering About!

Yes, that's what I am doing, with fabric I mean! And look at this beautiful large floral that came in the mail yesterday - Amy Butler Alchemy Sketchbook in Spring - oh, I hope it shows up nicely on your screen. Just so beautiful, 2 yards and I don't know what for, lol!

 Dam! I haven't been at all well - again!! Suffering with cabin-fever, flu and asthma - hope I can make it to my local patchwork group tomorrow!
 Still working on my x and + and feel inspired. It is so much easier to match seams with my Janome 6600, yes, it is a nice machine, very nice.
See in the background far left, I have started preparing fabrics for my appliqued Steam Punk - I will continue setting up further at patchwork tomorrow (the Eternal Optimist!).  My thoughts are to get lots prepared and stitch while I am in Thailand.

I am waiting on a few little parcels to arrive and then I have promised myself 'no more buying until 2015' - a tall order and I am sure I won't be able to fulfil it. In that studio I have a Scrap Quilters Heaven! Oh, notice the red Kerchief Girls in the far back, I'm using this piece as a background for a Punk block, sooo precious these days and I do have a little more red and blue, for special occasions. Happy Day!

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