Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Wish!

Trying to post the easy way ... is there one?

The Title is there and the Signature is there - and a pic is there - yay!
So much has happened in my life - I've been on a downward spiral as a carer for so long. Things haven't changed - well, maybe my determination to try to regain who I am has.
I was fortunate enough to be able to squeeze in a trip to Melbourne recently - beautiful rellies made my trip so peaceful, relaxing and enjoyable. I squeezed in a trip to the quilt show and a lovely few days in the Highlands of Victoria.
I did come home with goodies - books, patterns and fabric of course! I met the delightful Kathy Doughty in person - now that was a buzz as we have been in touch for many years. I already owned her book, so here is a beautiful accent floral - have some lovely fabrics to make a Wagga!
PS - sort run in to problems! Hope this publishes nicely and would love to be abe to visit again tomorrow - have really missed Blogland xx

7 Lovely People said ...:

Joan said...

Lovely to read your post Lurline. So pleased you enjoyed your trip to Melbourne.

Pokey said...

Good to see you around, believe me, I totally understand "life" getting in the way of sewing wishes, but it will bring the smile back, for sure. Happy Mother's Day ~

Julie Fukuda said...

It is always fun to see what you are up to. Glad you had such a fun trip.

Prue said...

Dear Lurline, I am so pleased to hear you managed to get away for a short break and that it was a relaxing time for you./ Hope to catch up next week.

Karen H said...

Hi Lurline - so nice to see that you are posting again. Life does throw us some curves but I firmly believe that having a creative outlet like quilting can help one refocus and get back on track. It looks like you netted a wonderful haul of goodies on your trip! Love that Wagga quilt!

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