Sunday, August 17, 2008

Keeping in Touch!

I have been a bit quiet this week! Nasty 'flu bugs do fly about at this time of year and this one has not been kind. I keep thinking, maybe tomorrow will be better. I have also had to put Mum into hospital as her legs have gone on her, so it's a matter of day-by-daying it! As they say ... laugh and the world laughs with you ... so let's move on.

I have tried to make a little something as this will be my 105th post - Candace doing a give-away for her 100th post has pricked my conscience - however, I haven't quite made it. With what there is to do and the Thailand holiday coming up, perhaps I will have to postpone it a bit.

The carpetbag above was made by a very dear friend, Joy Cooper, from the Rockingham Patchwork Group. Joy is either 84 or 86 and a lot of the girls in our group have bought the bags from her and also a couple of my friends have bought them. Isn't Joy just amazing with her achievements and she puts so much thought into where every little patch goes in the bags. They are beautifully lined and very, very strong. Joy is a very aristocratic lady, and one doesn't come across too many these days. Coupled with such dignity, she has a wicked sense of humour and can be girlishly brazen at time - a delight to be around!

Emily was taken out of the display cabinet so she could show how beautiful she is. I sometimes wonder how I had the patience to put so much detail into my dollies. I must say they were great days, but quilting took over and it is so much more portable and sociable.

It is an absolutely beautiful day out there, but I'm going to be a lounge lizard in front of tele and watch some of the Olympic Games and work on by Babette Blanket.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

3 Lovely People said ...:

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear Lurline I do hope you will feel better soon.
Give my love to your mum as well, please.
Take it easy.


Candace said...

I hope that you are feeling better, usually when you have the flu, you still have to get your energy back and build yourself back up. I know that worrying about your mother makes everything harder, too. Emily is very lovely, everything about her is beautiful, her hair, her face, her dress. She looks very nice with your carpetbag, your friend is very talented. I hope you continue to improve, and I wish the best for your mother.

Helz said...

Hello There Lurline... Truly sorry to hear about your Mum & that there is some Beautiful Sunshine just around the corner for you !!!