Monday, August 11, 2008

Thoughts of Quilting!

I have been so busy with my Babette Blanket, I have almost forgotten I am a quilter!

This is a quilt-as-you-go quilt I started perhaps 18 months ago - it has 9 blocks at 24" and I call it my "Not-So Shabby Chic" quilt. I have only a tiny bit of quilting to do on the last block, then the assembly will start. I have mislaid? the fabric for sashing strips, so will have to get to and find it and get the jolly quilt finished. It will be queen-sized when border is added.

The lower picture is a closeup of the hand-quilting. Maybe I will think about finishing it, after I have had a 10-day holiday in Thailand later this/early next month.

The holiday will be most welcome as it has been a cold winter here and at the moment I'm not feeling exactly "on top of the world" - Mum is slipping with every day, so we have a few issues to sort out.

Never mind, here is Uncle Ben having fun with Heidi and Byron at the footy on Saturday - the kids just LOVE Uncle Ben and who wouldn't having this much fun! The little ones had a great weekend with footy then a sleep-over.

I did brave footy for most of the day on Saturday - a bit silly, I think, and it was so cold and windy in the morning - not exactly too sensible when one has a cold/'flu bug! I have also tried to spend as much time as I can with Mum, consequently made quite a lot of progress over the weekend on my Babette Blanket. Must say we are enjoying the coverage of the Olympic Games.

I have itchy fingers today, do hope I feel like doing some machine sewing tomorrow - am keen to do a few more CWLL blocks and also to make cute little pincushions.

It is early afternoon and there is beautiful sunshine out there, so will take the puppies for a walk and "think about everything tomorrow"!

'Bye for now!

9 Lovely People said ...:

Anonymous said...

Ohhh your off to Thailand, are you going on your own? Hope you have fun, loooove the not so shabby quilt it stunning.


Maggie A said...

Hi Lurline

Have a great time in Thailand. You weill return freeling renewed. I'm off to Europe in a week and getting quite excited. Love the Not So Shabby...can;t wait to see the whole quilt.

Kristie said...

I am really sorry to hear about your mother, I know it must be stressful and upsetting for you to see her like that. I am very close to my mother and I worry about her all of the time!

Enjoy your trip to Thailand, that sounds so exciting. I've never had the chance to travel much.

I love your baby blanket it is so cute and the quilt is just amazing. I have never tried to quilt as you go, I want to but my biggest fear is that I won't get the back to look correctly.

Helz said...

Enjoy your break away Lurline. Pop & I are off on a Road Trip to Melbourne ASAP he is quite excited about his Holiday we will be catching up with his 96yr old sister during our travels... Just hope I survive LOL !!!

Myra said...

First, what is the "footy"? The kids look like they have great fun with Unc Ben!! 8-)

Your Babette is looking great? Is that another name for Afghan? We call knitted and crocheted blankets Afghans here...

Your quilt as you go looks great! That is on my to do list at some point!

Sorry to hear your mother is not doing well...

God bless...

Julia said...

Hi Lurline,
Nice to see you posting again, as I know you have not been well.
I just love your "Not So Shabby Chic" quilt, do finish it soon.
The holiday break will be great for you and Ed.
It will be warmer there, this cold weather really has gone on too long!

I'm sorry about Mum as I know you are worried and it is very stressful to see her like this.
Love and hugs Julia

Candace said...

I love your 'Not so Shabby Chic quilt' the colors are so soft and pretty, and I love the little pinwheels. I'm sorry your mother is ill, and hope that she does better. I know that it must be stressful for you. I have never been anywhere exotic, and to me Thailand would qualify. I hope you have a wonderful time there.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and this quilt is beautiful. What fabric are you using? The hand quilting is amazing! Wonderful job.


Anonymous said...

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