Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stars and Angels!

Oopsy! Didn't really want to talk about these girls first, but can't move them - oh well, here we go! Now there are 12 - just roughly thrown on the floor for the pic - no they are not wonky!
Mmmm, not sure - maybe I should have left it at 9! I was going to think about sashings and border today - maybe I should think about it for a day or two!

Yesterday I did a PS on a project Tia of Campfollower Bags and Quilts has started - Tia was the receiver of one of my Dolly Quilt Swaps - gorgeous girl from the US who is posted here in Alice Springs with her military husband.
Now, Tia has asked for these Happy Star blocks to be made and donated, so she can piece and quilt them for bushfire victims - a very generous gesture! She is asking for only 2 blocks and they were designed by Bonnie Hunter and Tia has her permission to use them. They are larger blocks than Bonnie's - 12 1/2" - I made these 2 yesterday and just started with 4 1/2" blocks - works out perfectly! Do pop over and visit Tia's blog if you feel like helping out!

After all these years, at last I am staying at my sewing machine and pressing as I go - find I still tend to stand up at times! I have always liked running back and forth to the ironing board for exercise. Now I have bought a gorgeous little Sunbeam travelling iron and yes, it steams, too - I'm sold on it! Look how small it is compared to my standard Sunbeam!
I have left-over blocks from Carolina Crossroads ( another of Bonnie's Mystery Quilts!) - maybe there is enough to make a nice quilt for one of our bushfire victims - oh, the heartache seems like it will never go away!
Happy stitching dear friends - hugs!

11 Lovely People said ...:

Myra said...

Hi busy lady! 8-)
Is your angels going to be a small wall-quilt? Since you mentioned it, the 9 together is good... Just my 2-cents.
Your stars are so happy looking! Love the fabrics, and too am going to have to look for a smaller iron for travel...
Happy stitchings!

Anonymous said...

Love the little iron. The angels and the stars are both lovely.

Julia said...

Angels look lovely Lurline..
I like the 12 together,
I'll see if I can get to make a couple of blocks for Tia.. what a great idea ..a very generous gesture!
I think I also stil have some blocks left from Bonnies mysteries..I did give some away but kept most..
Hugs Julia ♥

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Lurline the Angels look great, also like the stars as well nice colours....thanks for the list plug om the previous post...

West Michigan Quilter said...

Lurline, I love those stars. They are so colorful! I'll pop over to Tia's and see if I can make a couple blocks to help out. We've been hearing about your problems there and my heart goes out to all of you. Stay safe.

Pat said...

OMGosh Lurline! I am the angel with the pink striped wings!! I looks just like me. he he

Janet said...

The stars are so cheerful and the angels are very sweet.

Unknown said...

What a cute little iron !Oh and your blocks are wonderful .
clares craftroom

Joy said...

What a great little iron, and steam too ... bonus!! Love your wonky stars, they're so bright and cheery. I might make some of those too :o).
Joy :o)

Unknown said...

Hi Lurline , thanks for visiting and entering my giveaway , good luck !
clares craftroom

Shari said...

The angels would look better in a square setting - so you better make another 4! (LOL)

I'm making a couple of blocks to send to Tia too - hopefully she'll get enough and more for her plans.

Now you must tell me where you got your Sunbeam travel iron. It's exactly what I want. I have been looking for ages and simply can't find one in the Midland area. I had just reconciled myself to buying a full-sized one.