Thursday, April 25, 2013

Anzac Day 2013

Today as we remember our soldiers from the past, it is with deep gratitude we send our love to those who have our welfare in their hands now - God bless!
Oopsy! Here I go again - I really have forgotten how to use Blogger and this laptop. Now all I have to do is teach myself Blogsy on my ipad.
Don't you just love Steam Punk by our own Jenny Kingwell - so far I have used freezer paper to applique the templates onto the background - for me easy-peasy, though please follow Jenny's directions as I am sure it will be the simplest way for most. I'm looking forward to all the scrappy combinations I can make from my stash.
I love using Snapseed for editing, now the black frame, I really don't know how I even put it there and I don't like it, never mind!
Can't you smell those roses? Trust me, they are divine. Grown by dear friend Teena - a lovely group of girls spent Tuesday at her place, just the best being with dear friends.
From this point I will say ta - ta as everything is pretty giddy around my signature. I have some fun stitching on the go and littlies Heidi and Byron are with Ed, Mum and I while the young ones are at two-up at the RSL, a great Aussie tradition on Anzac Day. Happy Stitching!

6 Lovely People said ...:

Cardygirl said...

Steam punk is looking good...have a great day!

antique quilter said...

Steam punk is such a great quilt looking forward to seeing more of yours!
love the roses sooooo pretty thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

est we forget.xx

Jan said...

You are off to a great start - cool pattern!

Nanette Merrill said...

Oh those roses are pretty. And so are your little pie pieces together. It is good to remember our past and those that fought so hard.

Nedra said...

I have Steamed Punk on my someday list. A great way to use up scraps.