Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pretty Dresses!

Lots to chat about, but computer problems - oh well, never mind. Pics not so good, we'll see how we go.

 Nine dollies made - lots of fun, but messy sewing room! That is one problem with scrap quilts, I'm sure you will all agree. I have made a few more since, but email is playing up with me too. I love choosing the fabrics for their pretty dresses.

Our weather is still very unpleasant. Spring must come soon. Here's DD at one of our local beaches and what a wonderful addition. Danielle would loved to have gone closer to this glorious creature but wasn't sure what his reaction would be. Aren't we lucky to be so in touch with nature!
I get so much enjoyment from blog-reading and really wish I had time to do more Commenting and Posting. I'm sure time will come one day, meanwhile I'll continue to enjoy what I can.
Happy stitching!

8 Lovely People said ...:

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Love those blocks and he is a good looking fellow..

loulee said...

Your dollies are very bright and happy.
Not sure I would want to get too close to a pelicans beak either.

Karen H said...

Hello Lurline - your dollies are so well dressed! It is hard to pick a favourite! I'm curious about the size of the blocks. I've never seen a pelican - they sure are big and beautiful! Hope your computer problems are short lived!

Nedra said...

Love those dollies in Kaffe. You've given me an idea!

Julie Fukuda said...

I continue to be amazed at the expanding range of pelicans.
I like all those colorful dollies cheering them on.

Kim said...

I never knew that Pelicans were so huge, well of course they delivery babies so they must be strong too!
I have never seen one either!

Love the dollies and yes cutting little piece does make one big happy mess......wouldn't it be fun to have a maid just to clean the sewing room?

Happy Sewing

Carrie P. said...

cute doll blocks.

Carmiña said...

Love your dollies and their dresses.