Saturday, October 11, 2008

Books, Fabics & a Birthday!

That was quick! I had a lovely surprise yesterday morning - Bonnie's book arrived. I was about to go shopping, so made myself wait until I got home to browse through it.

I am really thrilled with it - haven't read it thoroughly enough to absorb all the "green" issues, but there are several projects I can see myself doing - Nifty Thrifty and Bargain Basement and though very simple Lucy's Shopping Bag.

Must admit though, I am not at all into re-cycling shirts, but really admire Bonnie for her contribution to the cause. I don't have a huge stash, but must admit there is more there than I will get through in a lifetime! I must challenge myself to use what I have for the scrappy quilts Bonnie does so well.

I have been madly searching the internet for fabrics to make the Third Prize Raffle Quilt for QuiltWest next year. I will do my own design Girlie Pinwheels as posted earlier. It is so difficult to guess just looking at a monitor, so I made a trip to Calico and Ivy yesterday.

With the help of shop-owner, Debbie, this is what I chose. "Mmmm ...!" I can hear some saying - "what is she up to here"? It will be quite funky, but modern, fresh and bright. Most of the fabrics are from the Lotus range by Amy Butler for Rowan fabrics. I have it all pictured in my mind's eye , so let's hope it comes up to expectations!

Mum turned 90 last Tuesday, so tomorrow we are having a family celebration at a local restaurant - she is so thrilled about it, so I am madly hoping most will be able to make it. She has settled into being at home very nicely and is behaving (no more falls), so God willing she won't have to go back to a nursing home permanently!

Have a great weekend everyone!

11 Lovely People said ...:

Nanette Merrill said...

So so cute Lurline. The book and fabric look so fun.

Myra said...

I had seen that Bonnie's book was out...How wonderful that you got one already!
I love the fabrics you came home with! Very nice...
Happy birthday to your mum Lurline! I hope you all have a wonderful celebration dinner!
Happy stitchings! 8-)
I best get back to mine, cause I promised another tute for next week...

Unknown said...

Your New bok looks the fabrics you brought home I have some of them in my stash too..should be a Great Quilt...hope your Mum's Birthday dinners goes well.

Candace said...

Your fabrics are so beautiful, Lurline. I can't wait to see what you come up with, I know it will be wonderful. I like your background, very pretty. Happy birthday to your Mum! I'm glad that she is doing better and hope she has a wonderful day.

Kristie said...

Happy birthday to your mother!!! So glad that she is doing better!

I love the new fabrics, I can't wait to see what you make with those. I haven't ordered the book yet, but I love her website.

loulee said...

Good news about your mum. It must be a great weight off to see her settled again.

Watching your new fabrics with interest.

em's scrapbag said...

What a great book. Love the fun fun fabric.

Julia said...

Beautiful fabrics Lurline... should be a fun quilt!
Happy birthday to Mum, how did I miss it, I thought it was still coming up!
Give her my love and have a great lunch..

Lisa W. said...

Happy Birthday to Mum! :-) Glad to hear she is doing fine. Love your fabric choices and can't wait to see what you create.

Cornfield Quilter said...

Beautiful fabrics!! I know whatever you make with be fantastic!! :D

How wonderful to have your mother healthy and to be able to celebrate a milestone birthday. I am sure it will be memorable!

william said...

Tucked in my birthday package from my mom were these vintage aprons that she has had in a drawer for years. These two were ‘hostess’ aprons for the bridesmaids at her wedding.
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