Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday - Dear Mum!

What a lovely day we had on Sunday! We had a family celecbration for Mum's 90th Birthday - it was so great to have everyone together (less one, unfortunately). All fourteen of us went to a local restaurant for a lovely lunch and it was great to be out on a beautiful, sunny, spring day.

Wow - ninety years old - only nine candles - imagine if there had been ninety - we would have had to call the fire brigade! The kids loved the mud cake - a bit yukky to cut and messy fingers and faces - all good fun!
Julia and Reno called in yesterday with these gorgeous orchids and card. I was quite amazed to see a 90th card - it was so nice to catch up and also very timely as some of the birthday flowers were dying off and I'd tossed them earlier in the day.

I think the cold weather has passed and I've been bitten by the spring-cleaning bug, so not much sewing getting done. Never mind - it will feel good when it is done and then I can sew for the rest of the year to make up for it.

'Bye for now!

10 Lovely People said ...:

Kristie said...

Wow 90!!! Your mother looks amazingly beautiful for her age!!! I hope she has many more wonderful birthdays!

Julia said...

Two beautiful ladies!
Gosh you look so alike...
Don't over do it with the spring cleaning, have a nice day.
Hugs Julia

Myra said...

Happy birthday to your Mum! She looks great! 90... That's a lot of years, and a lot of experiences!
That mud cake looks absolutely yummy! Did you make it?
Take your time with the spring cleaning... 8-)

Anonymous said...

Happy 90th Birhtday to your Mum and you two are two peas in a pot, just beautiful.

Unknown said...

Lovely photo of you & your MUM...Congratulations to her on reaching 90....

Nanette Merrill said...

She's a beautiful lady. Happy Birthday to her. How sweet.

loulee said...

So glad you all had a good day. I hope there are many more for you. (My gran is 96 and still counting.)

em's scrapbag said...

Your mom looks great! Happy Happy Birthday to here. May happy days come to her all year long. Glad you were able to have such a fun celebration.

Linda said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Great looking cake! Yum!

Amy said...

Your mom is adorable.......Tell her Happy Birthday!