Friday, October 3, 2008

Once Again ... Have a Lovely Weekend!

Another weekend ... my family are Rugby League followers, so a very exciting one for them! Maybe I will get some time to stitch! Mum came home yesterday and is very thrilled to be here - she had the first decent night's sleep in seven weeks in her own bed, so she tells me.

Above are my gifts as a Stitcher's Angel - I hope my mortal is happy - the parcel has to go to the Netherlands. I bought the hand painted handkerchief in Phuket, the birdie keyring from a Jim Thompson boutique in Bangkok (they carry beautiful articles, scarves etc. of fine Thai silk) in Siam City Shopping Centre (Paragon - VERY upmarket! - I just love it, but the bank balance doesn't - my big splurge was the scarf I am wearing in my photo top/left).

I really enjoy making these hexagon bags and the pincushions, too. My mortal said she liked "country colours" and also Kaffe Fassett was mentioned, so I went the Kaffe Fassett way - everything is quite colourful - hope I am not taking too big a risk!

This wonderful book arrived yesterday - the authors are Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke - two Australian girls who run a business of the same name, Material Obsession. The quilts are fun, lively and contemporary. I think I would choose another word for "contemporary" as a lot of the 23 projects are based on traditional design, using the gorgeous modern fabrics that are about today - cute, whimsical and colourful, but not overpowering. The Foreword is by Kaffe Fassett and full off beautiful compliments to these two girls - they must feel so special!

I also received a phone call yesterday from Jean Adams on behalf of the QuiltWest Committee who put on our Guild's annual quilt show. Jean asked me if I would like to make a lap-sized quilt for third-prize for our Art Union Quilt Raffle next year, May 2009. I feel very honoured to have been chosen and as proceeds generally go to The Royal Flying Doctor Service and Breast Cancer Research, I am happy to put my time in to supporting these two charities.

Perhaps with the book arrival and the phone call occurring around the same time of day, somebody up there is trying to tell me something! Maybe I should use a pattern from the book - we'll see! There are so many things on my "to do" list!

Once again ... have a lovely weekend ... hugs!

Oopsy ... must have deleted my signature ... Lurline!

8 Lovely People said ...:

Nanette Merrill said...

hi lurline, I've read about that book. What do you think of the contents? Will you make any of the quilts. I'dline to know more. You've got a lovely blog.

Julia said...

The book looks great, would love to have a closer look at it later on.
Your Mortal should be very happy with her gifts, they are lovely...
Catch up again soon.

sionna_erin said...

kaffe fassest has a new book you can preorder on amazon! it's called country garden quilts. the photography is beautiful!

em's scrapbag said...

The gifts for your mortal are lovely. She will be thrilled. I love your little hexagon bag. The book looks like so much fun. I can't wait to see the quilts you will create. Have a great weekend!!! Em

Anonymous said...

Dear Lurline

Yes sometimes we get signs from above. I am so pleased your Mum is home and hope all will go well.Give her a hug from me.
So happy to read that your are feeling better and I am sure you will make a beautiful quilt for the guild.

Candace said...

The gifts that you have prepared are very colorful and lovely. Perfect. I'm sure your mother is glad to be home, no matter how nice the facility is, there's no place like home. I hope that her health continues to improve. Congratulations on being chosen to make the special quilt prize. One thing that is for sure, it will be lovely.

Linda said...

So glad your mum is home and had a good night sleep!
The STitchers Angel gifts are wonderful!
Love your scarf & new pic! It really brings out the color of your eyes!
The book looks wonderful!

Myra said...

Great gifties for your mortal... whoever she may be... 8-)
I bet your ma is very happy to be back... Though, I thought she was to stay at the nursing home... Didn't know it was for a short term...
The book looks great! I wonder if it will make its way to my part of the world?
Happy stitchings!