Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Blueberry Crush Progress

I have just finished Step 3 in the Mystery Quilt Orange Crush. My quilt will be called Blueberry Crush as my main colour will be blue. This step has been so enjoyable because we have only 44 units to do and also we are stepping at a slower pace.
I have fewer commitments outside the home this week, so will spend some precious time sewing, just great, it doesn't happen often!
Our state quilt show, QuiltWest, will be held 21 - 25 May and as I am on the committee there are busy times ahead for me.
Best wishes!

2 Lovely People said ...:

Sandy said...

Your units look great!
The Hardanger is superb too.

I'll be going to the Quilt West exhibition ... lucky me!!


SueR said...

I still have a bunch more units in Step 2 to finish, so I am really looking forward to only 44 in Step 3!