Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tidy Sewing Room


I feel I should post again to keep in practice, and I do have a little time now, but it will be a busy week ahead.

I have just finished tidying my sewing room - it became a bit chaotic going through fabrics for my Blueberry Crush. I visited Houston last November with friends for the International Quilt Show and of course we shopped 'til we dropped - so have just put some fat quarters in the brown highboy you can see on l/hand side of the photo. The carpet bag was full of fabrics I bought in the USA. I think I bought over 300 F/Q's and about 30 yards. Sounds a lot to the US girls, but fabric there is so much cheaper than it is here. It was so funny - we were a group of 7 plus 1 (7 girls and 1 husband) - we all had to scuttle off to post offices during our 4 weeks over there and send boxes home - we would have had to pay a LOT of excess, otherwise. Yardage has been hidden in plastic boxes you can't see.

Thought I would do a tidy-up as Bonnie may post Step 2 of Orange Crush tomorrow - a bit exciting waiting for it to happen, isn't it? Even though I probably won't get a chance to work on it until Wednesday, at least it will be exciting to have another step to the mystery revealed.

Many thanks to people who have viewed by blog - such lovely way to keep in touch!

Oopsy! Have lost my signature again - best wishes and happy sewing to all - Lurline.

6 Lovely People said ...:

Katie said...

What a nice bright place to sew! :-)

Robin C said...

Hi there,

I belong to the Quiltville chat and saw your post on your blog. This is a nice pretty start and I will peek in at you again soon.

Have a wonderful day.

Sweet P said...

Welcome to blogland. Your sewing room looks lovely. I like the fabrics you've chosen for Blueberry Crush.

Anonymous said...

What else has a girl in life then be a poser? Haha, your blog is looking good, I can't get my signiture to work in the first place did all the steps Julia sent me, but I must be a dummy.
I will post my fabrics soon.

loulee said...

What a lovely sewing room.
Sounds like you girls had fun in USA.

Shari said...

I think posting a comment is as hard as posting a blog. I've been trying for half an hour now and this is my fourth attempt. Your blog looks great by the way.

Cheers - Shari