Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Porcelain Doll-Making Days

Today I am anxiously awaiting Step 2 of Orange Crush ... am sure it will be revealed soon. I would liked to have had a little quilting play today, as the next few days will be busy for me

Thought I would post a photo of one of the pretty dollies I used to make pre-quilting days. I really loved those days and then when I started quilting, friends said "that's it - there will be no doll-making, now"! I was aghast at such comments, but guess what - it is over 9 years since I made dolls. I mainly made antique reproduction dolls and loved the history of it all. Since we moved to Western Australia some of my dollies have never been unpacked.

At least I have been sitting and chatting with my 89 year old Mum, who lives with me - of course, I have been hand stitching also, which I rarely do during the day. Nice to relax for a change though.

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