Saturday, April 12, 2008

Little Red and White Quilt (Flowering Almond)

Hello Again,
The top photo features my 150 4-patch blocks for my Blueberry Patch. This is Step 1 finished and hopefully Step 2 will be revealed on Monday

Wow - am I ever having problems with this new printer - however, I am getting there, SLOWLY but surely!

Thought I would tell you about what is perhaps the favourite quilt I have made.

The above was my own design after seeing a photo taken at the Michigan University Museum. I think the original would have been made in the 1840's - that is when the red and green quilts became very popular.

It features my two loves in quilting, applique and hand-quilting. This quilt was made in 2002 while I was living in Carseldine, Brisbane. In those days I had a lot more time to concentrate on applique, and I keep saying to myself I must applique again soon. I still do quite a bit of hand-quilting and find it very therapeutic - just lovely to go off into one's own little world! I was very fortunate to win blue ribbons in both Queensland's and Western Australia's exhibitions with this quilt.
Oh, oh - now I have lost my signature. Oh, well, a little more progress today with Julia's help once again.

'Bye for now - Lurline.

7 Lovely People said ...:

Phyl said...

Welcome to Blogland! Loving your blog...and the Almond Quilt is gorgeous!

Debbie said...

I LOVE your red and green quilt. Your applique work is perfect!

Carolyn said...

welcome to the blog world...i have just set mine up a few days ago..what fun
love the red and green quilt...i too find applique and hand quilting very relaxing

Susan said...

Welcome to blogging, Lurline. I look forward to seeing the Blueberry develop, and red and green quilts are among my favorite! Thanks for sharing this pic of yours. You did a beautiful design.

Julia said...

I love this little red and green quilt...beautiful work!

Lucy said...

I LOVE yoru red and green applique. It's a stunner!

antique quilter said...

your applqiue quilt is amazing!
I have a book from Univ of Michigan about quilts I will have to look and see if this one is in there
it is just stunning!
ok, what size is yours?