Friday, April 18, 2008

Visit to Woolly Latte

Back Row: Candy, Kris, Barb, Me (kneeling)
Front row: Louise, Prue, Nancy, Gwen

Yesterday we all had a great day, meeting for lunch at a wool/coffee shop in Wembley. It was really lovely and very inspiring. Though I promised myself and everyone else I would NOT buy anything, I did! Just wool for a simple little pram throw - not for any new baby that I know of , maybe just my Glory Box - I tend to still be enchanted by baby things!

I am feeling a little daunted at Step 2 of Orange Crush - will have a little play tomorrow and see what I think.

1 Lovely People said ...:

Donna said...

Wow!! A wool/coffee shop!! Can it get any better than that????? Wonder if we have those here in the States?