Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Alice and Georgina!

My two little Maltese puppies went to the beauty parlor yesterday and will be off to the vet later this week for vaccinations.

Their quilt is probably my favourite quilt - just a little lap quilt that is quite old, but is dearly loved by you-know-who. The cushion is my failure at The Thimblelady's quilting workshop - her quilting technique is world famous and I'm sure I am one of her very few failures. I gave the practice piece to a friend and she gave it back to me as a present, quilted beautifully and made into a cushion.
Thank you for visiting and best wishes!

2 Lovely People said ...:

Anonymous said...

Don't they look lovely your two puppies.
Lurline I am glad you are still hand quilting, have had a lot of people in lessons that are now very happy quilting without the hoop.
Always loved you red and green quilt.


Julie said...

Very cute puppy dogs! I have a Georgie too, very spoiled. I recent post on my blog shows her new outfit!!!