Tuesday, June 10, 2008


This is treasured little Elizabeth - I gave her to Ayesha when she was a wee thing and she is now twelve years old.

Elizabeth has mohair hair and a little blue hand smocked, Bishop-necked dress with hand embroidery on it. I painted her eyes, also - painting eyes is a challenge, but one I really enjoyed. The thing I enjoyed most about doll-making was the painting and I even enjoyed the cleaning of the greenware. I wasn't too fussed on the dressing, as most of my dolls are antique reproductions and need to be dressed in natural fibres and they can be difficult to come by. Also, the little garments are so small they can be difficult to fit under the machine needle.

I have been busy trying to finish off my Hexagon Quilt - will do so today, except for the borders. I'm looking forward to the hand-quilting over winter.

I have also joined a dolly quilt swap and am looking forward to a bit of creativity there. The rest of the week is busy for me - socialising, that is, so I must away and get my house into order.

Best wishes all ,

5 Lovely People said ...:

Kristie said...

Wow! Is there anything that you can't do? That doll is beautiful!! You are so talented!

Can't wait to see your hexagon quilt!

Candace said...

Elizabeth is beautiful. I had to look twice to realize she is a doll. I agree with Kristie, you are amazing.

Myra said...

Beautiful doll!
Seeing your winter soup recipe, and reading of the cold weather coming caught me off guard for a minute, cause I'm thinking its summer!!! Then I realize it is not where you are! LOL!!!
Love the Blueberry Crush quilts! Your colors and Julia's colors are quite similar hey!? Was that planned? 8-)
Happy stitching!

Margaret Solomon Gunn said...

Here's a swap that may interest you. It has very talented quilters:

Julia said...

Elizabeth is beautiful!
Ayesha must adore her, that face is just gorgeous!
Hugs julia