Monday, June 9, 2008

Roasted Winter Vegetable Soup

We are in the middle of our wintery, stormy weather so I made Joe's soup yesterday while I was so busy sewing. There are so many lovely vegies about at the moment and I have fresh herbs in the garden.

The soup is just beautiful - I left mine chunky and served it with toasted rye bread. It was made in my 6 litre slow cooker and will now go into the freezer. The girls are coming for a sewing day on the 25th, so guess what they'll be having! Best wishes all.

4 Lovely People said ...:

Candace said...

Lurline, it looks delicious, I think the girls are in for a treat.
Joe sure has some great looking recipes on his blog, I can't wait to try some.

Kristie said... looks so good!!! I may have to try that recipe!!!

Julia said...

Looks yummy Lurline!
Can't wait to try it..
I'll tell Joe you made it.
I'm back online..
Hugs Julia

susan said...

darn! it is summer here, but this soup looks so tasty!!
i dont think i can find any winter squash now. maybe i could try it with summer?? thanks for the link to joe!!