Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sweet Mustard Pickles

Yesterday I did manage to get a little more done on my Dolly Quilt Swap and also some re-designing on my Dancing Dollies Quilt.

Most of the day was spent preparing for carpet cleaning today and making pickles. Number one gransdson, Tyler, loves Nanna's pickles and can't get enough of them ... consequently I have made two batches this week and had the house smelling of vinegar.

It is a cold, windy, wet day here, which is wonderful for the environment, but not so good for carpet cleaning. Oh, well, I must carry on - so all you happy sewers, have a nice day!

3 Lovely People said ...:

Kristie said...

mmmmm...your pickles look so good!!! I'm sure your grandson will be very happy with his Nanna!!!

Julia said...

Yum Lurline!
These look great, better than shop bought any day...cheese and pickle sandwiches, just the thing!

Myra said...

Pickling season out your way already!? Its not even a thought yet where we are...
I just bought one of those Yo-yo makers myself last weekend. I have a table topper pattern with Yo-yos that I want to try out using that thing. Gals at one of my gatherings are having a blast making them!