Saturday, June 28, 2008

Four Block Applique Quilt

I have resurrected this four block quilt this week and showed it to friends who oohed and aahed and thought it was lovely. It is basted, stencil design marked and ready to hand quilt - so guess what I have been doing the last couple of nights - quilting it!

It was probably made early 2000's with inspiration from a medallion design by Colleen Archibold in an Australian magazine. I was madly into 4-block antique quilts at the time and went a bit quirky with with repro fabrics and one of the very first In the Beginning fabrics to appear in Australia. The border is very bold but when I look at it now, it somehow all works. I have even used a small animal skin print in the berries and framing border!

Maybe now I will finish it as we are having wild, stormy wintery weather, just ideal for cuddling in the lounge and quilting.

DD, Danielle and I went shopping to Garden City Shopping Centre yesterday - twins, Byron and Heidi in tow. I enjoy a good read and Nora Roberts is a favourite of mine, so bought a new release of hers. She writes some good thrillers - I enjoy Mary Higgins Clarke's books, too. I also bought a little Chamilia bead for my short gold necklace - quite nice and modern. Needless to say stocktake sales were on. It was a lovely day to shop - with a wild storm outside. We were warm and safe enjoying retail-therapy.

I am having a couple of days at home over the weekend, so I think the slow-cooker will go on and maybe I'll start a new creation - or maybe I'll just quilt, we'll see.

Have a nice weekend everyone - 'bye!

9 Lovely People said ...:

Kristie said...

Another beautiful quilt!!! The applique pieces look very intricate! I know we are a world apart but I would LOVE to see your quilts in person, they look beautiful!

Julia said...

Hi Lurline,
I'm so glad you are going to finish this is absolutely stunning!!
Hugs julia

Myra said...

A beautiful piece Lurline! Just lovely!
I am a Nora Roberts fan also... haven't read anything new of hers for a long while now...
Stay warm!
Happy stitchings!

antique quilter said...

Another beautiful quilt from you!!!!
just beautiful I am so happy your hand quilting this quilt. Oh can you take a picture of just one block I would love to be able to see the fabrics you used!

loulee said...

Stunning applique Lurline.

Helz said...

Exquisite Applique Lurline - I too am pleased to hear you will be completing this One! Just realised Nora Roberts sounded familiar... I laid claim to DD's copy of'Montana Sky' on my last visit!!! Good Pick Up...

Lindi said...

What a lovely quilt! I like the border on it, good choice.

Candace said...

I'm oohing and aahing. It certainly does all work. What a beautiful little quilt. Your 'wild, stormy wintery weather', does sound perfect for being cozy and doing some quilting, especially here where it is already over 90 degrees.
I had to google Chamilia bead, and there are some there that I would really love. The Disney group (since I'm about 30 minutes from Disneyworld) and the honey bee (which is meaningful to my church), just to start. I could start another addiction.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Found your lovely work on this quilt through a search of "four-block applique quilts". It is stunning and timeless.