Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December 3, 1913 - September 3, 1983!

The 3rd December ... Happy Birthday, dear Dad! It is with so much happiness I share this photo with you all - I talk so much about Mum who is 90 - Dad would have been 95 today! This man has been by my side all my life - he has been my mentor and instilled in me all the better qualities I have. He left us all in 1983 and never a day goes by that I don't remember David Stewart Connell - what a legacy he has left us!

This is Darcy (David Robert Connell 'DRC'), the first Beautiful Boy in my life, my brother! He was 9 when he went to Heaven and I was 7.
The years have washed away the grief, now I have only wonderful memories that I will never forget - God Bless them both - until we meet again!
Please be happy for me that these two beautiful people have passed through my life - hugs!

10 Lovely People said ...:

Purple and Paisley said...

happy birthday to your dad in heaven...=) wonderful when grief is finally washed away and we can just look back and smile on memories...that's how i feel about my grandparents who have been gone since the early 80's...everyday thoughts of them make me smile...=)

Anonymous said...

I love the old photos - so much fun to see and I'm thankful that your heart is full of so many happy memories.

Myra said...

Great photos Lurline! What a treasure... Handsome father and brother, and you haven't changed a bit!!! Isn't it great the wonderful memories we are left with when the grief subsides...
Happy Birthday thoughts for your dad... 8-)

Willow Grove - Kez said...

I know how you are feeling. I lost my sister in 1980 and she was 16 and then lost my father(50) in 1984. Time does heel but memories never faded.
Happy birthday to your dad. I'm sure he will be celebrating.
A very cute photo of you. You haven't change a bit.
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Lurline, your post got me thinking about when my Dad passed away in 1991 at the age of 58 and yes I still miss him too.


Kris said...

What a lovely tribute to those men in your life Lurline! Thank you for sharing them with us. I just love the photos!

em's scrapbag said...

Love the old photos. Great tribute to wonderful men in your life.

Julia said...

Beautiful photos Lurline!
Wonderful memories that you can treasure forever..
brought a tear or two to my eyes, and got me thinking back to my Mum and Dad..
Warm hugs and love Julia

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing Lurline...we also had an Anniversary Yesterday..8yrs since my FIL passed away...he was like the Father that I didn't have.
Lovely Memories for us all.

Kristie said...

Amazing! Your post brought tears to my eyes. Makes me think of my own father, which is still alive but we have not spoken in over 5 years. My youngest son doesn't even know him, so sad but my dad is the one that is missing out by not having a relationship with his family...maybe someday things will change.