Sunday, December 28, 2008

An Interesting Day ... With a Tinge of Sadness!

Pitter, patter, pitter, patter ... that's how my heart went watching Hugh Jackman! Yes, we did finally get to see 'Australia' yesterday. Now, being VERY patriotic Aussies, DH and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Mustn't forget Nicole either, or little Nullah, we thought the acting was superb. I guess having travelled around Australia a lot, living in Arnhem Land for 17 years and appreciating our history, we came out of the cinema feeling uplifted - I must admit to having a few little tears in my eyes!

Here is Pat's gift that was hidden in orange cellophane - a colourful dilly-bag (this girl throws fabrics together and they come out looking a million dollars!), a little pudding and interesting snippets of fabrics - thanks, dear Girlfriend!
A project for 2009 - love these little angels, so I am going to have great fun with applique for a change - I have so badly wanted to do applique again! They are from The Quilted Crow in Tasmania - Leonie and Deidre are great girls, so efficient, friendly and obliging - do visit their shop and their blog!

Once again, I'm back into more gardening, so must get out there before the heat comes in. I talked about establishing a succulent garden - here is one of the gorgeous specimens I planted and raided DD, Angela's garden for lots more. They should thrive beautifully in what was a vegie garden.

A tragedy occurred yesterday at 'our beach' - a 10 minute walk away. Sadly a man was taken by a shark - God Bless him, his loved ones and friends. My children and grandchildren swim there regularly. We are always amazed when nature behaves in this manner - when we lived in Arnhem Land, crocodiles were always the danger!

On a brighter note - Bonnie from Quiltville, has a new Mystery Quilt starting New Year - should be a lot of fun, once again!

Out to the garden - ♥ ... hugs ... ♥ !

16 Lovely People said ...:

Anonymous said...

A most interesting post today. The movie looks good and I love the succulents. Enjoy all your new projects.

Lindi said...

Full post today! I am looking forward to seeing Australia. I enjoyed the full trailer.
Lovely quilty things you have shown us. Great to start the new year!
Unusual succulant - don't think i've seen it before.

Unknown said...

Your not the first person I've heard that has had a teary from that Movie...lovely goodies you got there...good luck with the garden.

Terri S said...

I've been waiting for Australia to open here and it finally has. I hope I enjoy it as much as you did. Love your quilted goodies. I got some money gifts for Christmas and I'm itching to get out and add to my stash. The weather has been bad, so no chance to shop yet!!

You should post some pictures of your garden. I'd love to see it. I miss gardening. Used to have tons of beds all over, but I can't do it anymore and we've put it all back to grass. Plus, it does my soul good to see beautiful growing things when we're in the dead of winter!!

Shari said...

I really loved Australia as well. So glad you enjoyed it. Everyone who I've talked to that has seen it says the same.
Lovely Pat and so thoughtful. It will be good to see you all again eventually.

Amy said...

Hello Lurline
I've followed you here from Carol's (Cornfield Quilter) blog where she introduced you as her Pay It Forward "leader." I have joined in with her and added a post to my blog. I'm a math teacher, so I also took the liberty to adding the PIF "information" to show a perfect application of Exponential growth. Just thought I'd share with you (and take whatever humor/non-humor you want from it.) Amy's Pay It Foward, 2009.

I have not yet seen Austrailia---we will most likely wait until it is out on a DVD for rental. I'm glad to hear that a "genuine Aussie" has given it the "A-OK." :0)

Happy Sunday (almost Monday for you?)
-Amy (Northwest Wisconsin)

Kristie said...

I also loved that movie! I've never been to Austraila but that is certainly one place that I would love to visit! My mother has always dreamed of Austrialia!

So sad to hear about the shark attack!

Myra said...

We heard about the shark attack on the news here yesterday. That looked like a very big shark... A very shocking thing for everyone out there I am sure... To tell you the truth, I was worried about that when DD2 was swimming out your way... My hubby likens shark attacks out your way to our often deadly bear attacks here in Canada...

We saw the movie Australia a couple of weeks back. We thoroughly enjoyed it...

Lots of quilty goodness you've posted lately too! Nice gifts! 8-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Lurline

I also still have to go and see Australia,will have to go on my own as DH doesn't like the cinemas.
I have been to The Quilted Cow and it is a wonderful shop and yes the girls are lovely.
Love the little Angel quilt.
Hope you have a good start to the new year.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous movie Australia, am taking Hubby tonight and daughter. I absolutely loved it first time round!!! Love your blog, think I may have to follow if that's okay. Lovely angel project coming up...Happy New Year to you!!!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

The movie is on my "to see" list, glad you enjoyed it...nice treats, must pop over to see what Bonnie has in store.,,,thanks for that.

Nanette Merrill said...

I have that teapot fabric in one of your pictures. I love it.

Unknown said...

I love that succulent . Very very sad about that poor man . Happy New Year

Cornfield Quilter said...

What wonderful gifts you received and I really like the Angel quilt pattern. I am really looking forward to PIF now that I have all my ladies and may it be a wonderful New Year for us all!

quiltingnana said...

What is the name of that succulent? It is lovely. Thanks for your review. I think I may enjoy the movie. My hubby was in Australia years ago but I have never it will be fun to see the movie. Heard about your shark incident on the news here. As always, I enjoyed reading your blog today

Jeanne said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the movie soon. Sorry to hear about the shark attack. It must be even more difficult when it's that close to where you are.