Sunday, December 14, 2008

More SantaS!

I have dug out another cross-stitch of Santas - this is a lovely sampler depicting the old Santas of different countries! I was playing around photographing some of my cross-stitch yesterday and Mum said she is really peeved I do not have them all displayed - our home has double brick walls and DH doesn't think I should be damaging the surface of the walls - maybe he is right, one day we may move to a smaller home - we'll see!

I did a little blog re-vamping for Christmas - I like it! Nice and bright and happy and that's how I feel! Also, see my Welcome on the sidebar - another cross-stitch!

I am more than thrilled that I was able to pick up the Fall 2008 Issue of Better Homes and Gardens Creative Collection - Quilts and more! We don't get all the American magazines here in Australia and they are quite expensive - I usually have a sneak-peek first!

So, I was more than thrilled when this gorgeous red quilt caught my eye (how could it not!) and to know it was designed and made by our own Blogland friend Kathie Holland of Inspired by Antique Quilts. This is the second magazine I have featuring Kathie's quilts - aren't I lucky!

I have just signed up for a Pay it Forward exchange from Shari of Mumsyblossom's World.

Here are the Pay It Forward Exchange “rules”.

. The first three people will be chosen to participate if they leave a comment on this post asking to join the Pay It Forward Exchange.
. They are agreeing to post a similar announcement on their blog, and Pay It Forward to three more people, who will in turn agree to Pay It Forward etc.
So what does it mean?

. Shari is going to send me and her other participants one handmade item sometime in the next 12 months.
. I, in turn, will send one handmade item to each of the three participants who signed up with me, within the next 12 months.
. You, in turn, will send one handmade item to each of your participants, and so on.

Sounds like a bit of fun and I will be very happy to make 3 items and 12 months to do it - maybe I will post mine as early Christmas gifts 2009 or if the participants let me know their birthdays that could be nice, too - whatever!

Everything is starting to feel Christmassy - my little twin grandchildren, Heidi and Byron (4) will be over soon for a sleep-over - they are driving their Mum mad, their Dad is far away working in a remote mining town and is due back tomorrow - so, Nanny and Poppa to the rescue!

♥ ... Hugs ... ♥

PS - please don't be concerned about posting a Comment and having to be involved in PIF - that's fine by me and I know what a busy time of year this is and how we are all a little bogged down! I just love to hear from you and want you to enjoy my Post for what it is - as they say 'Blogging Without Obligation'!

10 Lovely People said ...:

Terri S said...

Your cross stitch is beautiful. I haven't done it in years. Maybe I should have another try at it. I find that I have a lot more patience these days. Must come with age, don't you think?

Shari said...

I agree with Mum, they should be on the walls! It is so EASY to patch up the walls if you move... Kathie's quilt is a stunner... Now I must figure out how to change my wallpaper. You and Julia are just so clever!!
Hugs Shari

Anonymous said...

Hi Lurline

I have the red fabric already organised for that quilt, loved from the moment I saw it.


Unknown said...

your blog and photos are so nice
you can visit me at:

Unknown said...

Your blog header looks great and I love the xstitches .
Clare's Craftroom

Kris said...

Love the Christmassy look. Very festive and fresh!

Myra said...

Another great Cross-stitch Lurline! Love that quilt in the magazine! Will have to keep that one in mind! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Julia said...

Love this Christmas cross-stitch Lurline...this is one I have not seen!
You should display some of your beautiful work, that I know you have, stored away in a cupboard somewhere.
The welcome one would look beautiful near the front door..
Hugs julia

Kristie said...

Your cross stitchings are just beautiful! That is something that I find hard to concentrate on myself! I think I find it hard for my eyes to focus on the pattern. But they are beautiful! Do you still do cross stitching?

Unknown said...

I Think I Love this X-Stitch even more than the other Gorgeous one.....Beautiful...