Sunday, June 8, 2008

Blueberry Crush 1 and Blueberry Crush 2

Oh dear, what a weekend - I have been so busy at the machine and this rarely happens in my life as I am usually committed to doing lots of other things. Whatever happened to my Blueberry Crush? As you can see, I have completely digressed from the original and have come up with two lap quilts about 52" square and both with quite a different look, I think.

Nothing seemed to be working for me, so here is the final outcome. Mum really needs a new lap quilt with the cold weather coming on and the other I don't know ... family, friends, charity - we'll see!

It has been a lovely time doing OC, but I will be so pleased to have a break from machine sewing and get back to a couple of hand projects that I am really enthusiastic about. Hand-quilting is really calling me now winter is here. Also, I really feel the need to do some applique again.

I know I have been a naughty girl not doing the big OC, but really I do have enough bed quilts and I think the family are well set up, also.

Best wishes to all and for those of you who haven't finished your OC tops, keep enjoying the journey!

7 Lovely People said ...:

loulee said...

LOL I'm sure Bonnie will understand. After all, what you did was add an extra mystery element!
They both look good to me.

Candace said...

I like them both, and now I have even more options to think about. I will make a decision on mine eventually. I've been trying to decide which of the 2 I like the best, and I'm still not sure. The plain block gives them a very different look.

Kristie said...

I think they both look wonderful! I think that is great that you made two of them. Such a wonderful idea!

Karrin Hurd said...

Thanks Lurline on visiting my blog and your kind comment. I have been enjoying your blog for about 6 weeks now, I think pointed out by Julia.

Julia said...

Wow Lurline! Two quilts out of one, they both look great, and at that size will be so much more manageable under the machine to quilt..
Love them both!
Hugs julia

SueR said...

Your Blueberry Crush quilts look just wonderful, and the name is perfect!

Cornfield Quilter said...

I love both quilts!I never would have thought of that. You are going to make 2 people very happy when they receive those quilts. :D