Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Flowering Almond Quilts

I have happened to come across information on the original Flowering Almond Quilt on The Quilt Index site. After the death of her friend, Betty (Elizabeth Harned Harriman), Mary (Mary Vida Schafer) took on the task of completing many of Betty's unfinished tops. This applique design, a popular motif from the mid-19th century, was one of Betty's favorites. The top was finished in 1972 and measures 96" x 83" and now forms part of the collection at Great Lakes Quilt Center/Michigan State University Museum.

The quilt below that I have posted previously is my interpretation of Betty's and Mary's quilt. A friend visited the Museum in 2001 and returned with a photo of the original quilt. I loved it so much and had always wanted to make a red and green quilt from that era, so I designed my own quilt. After finding the original on the Quilt Index site, I feel happy I have done the original justice. My little quilt is only 42" square and took me about six months to complete, so goodness knows the hours that went into the original.

I hope you enjoy a little history, the above mentioned site is a lovely one to visit - best wishes!

5 Lovely People said ...:

antique quilter said...

OHHHHHH so beautiful
what a treasure you have made.
I LOVE it.
hope it hangs somewhere in your home and you can enjoy it everyday.

Candace said...

You certainly did it justice. Both quilts are awesomely stunning.

Julia said...

It's so beautiful Lurline !.
You more than did it justice,
What a great job you did of scaling the size down to about half of the original.

Cornfield Quilter said...

What a wonderful tribute, and your quilt is exquisite! I enjoy your blog and visit it frequently. You are truly an inspiration. :D

Helz said...

Inspiring Workmanship... Shall be back to visit often.