Saturday, July 19, 2008

Civil War Love Letters - Day 1!

Wow! At least my hard days work was worth it yesterday and I even tidied my sewing room.

Today, I could sew in peace and got into the swing of foundation piecing again - I shouldn't be showing off yet, but like Kristie, I just love doing these blocks. I haven't taken the papers off yet, not sure I should do at this stage and I think perhaps I have gone a bit pretty and bright. All fabrics are repro, not necessarily Civil War, as I really don't want a drab quilt.

I have printed out several blocks to start sewing tomorrow morning, all being well! They are a little more complicated, so maybe these blocks here are just auditioning and won't go any further.

It has been very cold here today with beautiful sunshine - so lovely after our stormy weather. I am looking forward to a quiet evening in front of tele with needle or hook in hand.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend - best wishes!

5 Lovely People said ...:

antique quilter said...

blocks look great!
I should take mine out and make a few more
so glad your starting this project too!
I am also using 1800
s fabrics as I don't want it just cw prints

Wendy said...

I love your new blocks and your fabrics are fabulous. You have a wonderful blog.

Thanks for stopping by with a lovely comment.

Kristie said...

Your blocks are looking beautiful!!! Love the fabrics!!!

Julia said...

Your blocks look great Lurline!
I'm trying hard not to start mine yet, DJ is still calling me to get finished.
Hugs Julia

Anonymous said...

Lurline your blocks look great.
Tell me can I put that Award Logo on my blog and also nominate 5 others? Not sure how all these things work.