Sunday, July 13, 2008

Having a Great Weekend!

Here's a pic of my three grandsons , Bailey, Byron and Tyler. I am so proud of them all and must tell you about Tyler's great day yesterday. Even though he is only 17 he plays A Grade Australian Football League for his local club Warnbro Swans. Yesterday was their Heritage Match as the club turned 20 years old. Though they didn't win the match, they put in a brilliant effort and Tyler was selected Player of the Field. I am so proud that he can get in there with adult men and stand out amongst them. His sportmanship, good nature, manners and athletic ability are to be admired.
Naughty Lyn! She has taken me away from my quilting (only temporarily) and has me going on all things "yarny". The little scarf motifs are time consuming, but I love working with the colours and they are a lot of fun. The 8-ply is to start a Babette Blanket - probably lots of you are familiar with it , but it's new to me. I love the Koigu yarn from Canada, but cannot justify the expense with all the "quilty" things I buy. Lyn is making a great throw with various yarns she has collected over the years, so I thought I might start collecting for "one day" - starting with the 2 in the top right- hand corner. I will post photos of Lyn with all her goodies, soon.
Myra , thank you so much for the above award - I was truly surprised! Myra is a Canadian blogger friend and we visit each other all the time.

Now to pick 5 blocks that inspire me - well, that is a really difficult task. Several have already been chosen and I get so much pleasure from so many people, wish I could choose 20.

- With Needle in Hand - Donna, who is into all things quilty and crochet, too!
- Once Upon a Quilt - Christine, a very dear friend for many years, has taught so many people so much and has been a great mate to me.
- Blue Shadow Pony - Helz, who lives a wonderful country life in Queensland and likes the same music I do.
- Chookyblue - Donna, another country girl who is a great photographer and gives of her time to help folks with their blogs.
- Inspired By Antique Quilts - Kathie, we like so many things the same and I'm looking forward to doing CWLL with her and Kristie.
- Wraggedy Patches - how could I not mention Candace, she has been a regular visitor of mine since day dot and I've forgotten how to count.

I could go on forever, but I will probably be in trouble for sneaking a couple more in, anyhow.
Must away - best wishes everyone - hope your weekend is as good as mine!

6 Lovely People said ...:

Chookyblue...... said...

you are very kind......thanks......

Donna said...

How very sweet of you!! I have so far to go with quilting, crochet and blogging. You are the one who inspires me greatly!! Thanks

Julia said...

Lovely photo of the three grandsons.
The little hexagons are coming along nicely and will make a gorgeous scarf.
Love the yarns you are collecting for "one day"
catch up later.
Hugs julia

Anonymous said...

Thank you for mentioning my blog Lurline.
I have been away 8 days with DH in Tassie. Will write to list soon and also update my blog.
Love reading all your news and the kids are very special.

Candace said...

Lurline, I just this minute saw that you had nominated me. I have been behind on my blogging. thank you so much, we have been learning together, and it means so much that you included me.

antique quilter said...

thank you so much for nominating me for this award. what an honor.
I LOVE reading your blog too and just love seeing your quilts too, such inspiration for me.