Friday, July 11, 2008

Ducks and Other things!

Our lake is really full at the moment with all the recent rains we have had and are still having. I took the puppies and Byron down to feed the ducks after I had returned from Friendship Day at Roleystone on Wednesday. The lake is looking beautiful, but it was a bit drizzly that day and battling with dogs, kid and a camera was not easy, so I will get better photos of the lake soon.
I have received two new fabric metreages - Nineteenth Century Backgrounds II by Judie Rothermal . I love the foreground fabric - sort of little apples - probably too busy for some for a background, but I like busy!

The little petal four patches - well, I've just started, but it could be the start of something big. Dear Jane fans will recognize it.

As though I don't have enough to do with my quilting - remember the gorgeous scarf I posted there a little while back - dear Lyn has inspired a group of us to crochet - well, hopefully that will be the start of something not so big - just big enough to wear around my neck. Civil War Love Letters starts towards the end of October, so hopefully it will be done by then.

Jan and Bill joined us on our travels to the US last October/November - Bill and his Seven Wives, we had a lot of laughs about that. None of us will ever forget the trip! Jan and Bill are off shortly travelling around Australia in a well-earned trip after all their working years. Julia has helped Jan set up a blog, Gallivantour have a peep at the fabulous beast on wheels. I am sure they will both be very comfortable and Jan will have plenty of room for all her fabrics and yarns.

Enough talking for today - have a great weekend everyone!

6 Lovely People said ...:

Julia said...

Hi Lurline,
I love the little hexagons, it will be a gorgeous scarf, if you don't have enough to do!
But it's a nice change from stitching.
hugs julia

Myra said...

Lots of duckies to be fed! That must be fun for the grandson...every child loves feeding ducks...or any animal for that matter!
Got your hands into hooking now have ya! Good for you! That scarf from your other post was lovely!
Happy stitching...hooking...8-)

susan said...

what are the little floral crocheted bits? is that the start of the scarf?

Donna said...

I love the little scarf. I would love the pattern and to know what you are using to crochet it. Is that DMC floss using a very small hook? I am an "old" crocheter and would love to try my hand at it. And like you, I sure don't need another project but....well, you know. I'm looking forward to the tour of Australia with your friends.

Kristie said...

How cute! I would love to see more photos of your lake.

How many blocks do you have finiished on your Dear Jane? I only have 8! I really like the fabric that you used! The scarf will be so pretty!!! I had to show my mom that photo a few days ago! I've never saw anything like it before! If only I could crochet good enough to make one...

Myra said...

Hi Lurline,
I've chosen you as one of my 5 to receive the Brillante Weblog Award. Thanks for all your feedback! Info is on my blog.