Friday, July 4, 2008


Happy 4th July to all you American folk!

The girls on Quiltville Chat are talking about nasty ticks on their dogs so I thought I would show you a photo of our beautiful Siberian Husky,Mishka. She brought us so much joy for ten years and then a nasty paralysis tick took her life when we lived in Brisbane. Our vet was so kind as she was such a beautiful creature and he knew how much we loved her - he stayed all night at the practice with her, but couldn't save her. He made arrangements to have her buried under a large tree on a beautiful property outside of Brisbane. Thank goodness we move on, but what do they say "a man's best friend ...".

Have a great weekend everyone!

5 Lovely People said ...:

Kristie said...

Such a beautiful dog! Animals are so easy to get attached to. I have an old mule that is almost 20 yrs old and weighs more than 1300 pounds and he is my baby. Hubby teases me that I would bring him in the house if he would fit,and truthfully, I probably would. He even eats cereal for breakfast! I give him dry cereal just like we eat.

Candace said...

Mishka was very beautiful. I'm sorry for your loss, I'm sure that she is still missed a lot. We do move on, but the feelings are still there.

Helz said...

Pretty name Mishka... You never forget them they are sooo... part of the Family.

Pat H. said...

Mishka was a beautiful girl. She will remain in your heart and memories forever.

Pat H.

Myra said...

A big part of your heart, a beautiful girl! Love those hurts to loose a furry family member....I know.