Monday, July 21, 2008

Civil War Love Letters - Day 2!

I've had a weekend engrossed in CWLL - a lot of fun, but sometimes confusing.

DH, Ed made me lunch yesterday - roast beef and home-made pickle toasted sandwich, so that was lovely for someone who thinks I make rugs. Then son-in-law, Adrian, walks in and says "Oh, they look good, must be easy"! Easy, I said in dismay, then he says "Oh, well, they are just geometric designs". I must admit Adrian, who is an electrician, does sometimes help me with drawing designs and also installing things on the computer - he thinks he's an expert quilter, now!

I did get confused at times when sewing, trying to work out whether the sections would piece together horizontally or vertically - one I abandoned and then thought I should have kept going as it probably joined differently to what I was envisioning.

A couple didn't get past the auditioning stage - all in all, I made 16. Maybe I will wait until October now to do them with the group - or maybe it will be a project for peaceful weekends, when they happen.

Onto the start of another week - hope it is a good one for everyone!

13 Lovely People said ...:

Pattie D said...

How fun! These civil war quilts are will be fun to watch it unfold. Thank you for sharing your Winter/Summer project. It is very much summer where I am, but we are having monsoon should have heard the storm last night! Take care and stay warm.
quilt hugs

Kristie said...

Oh how beautiful!!!! You really got alot finished this weekend!! I think I have a total of 14 LL blocks and 55 Diary blocks!!

Julia said...

Just beautiful Lurline!

your on a roll, 16 in two days is good going!
Catch you later.
Hugs julia

Chookyblue...... said...

Go girl you are doing so well with all these blocks........

Unknown said...

Your Love Letters look good Lurline, Will make a neat quilt.

It seems funny you talking about having to stay inside to quilt because it is so cold. We are staying inside because it's to hot. Been in the 90's the last few days.

Happy quilting.

Donna said...

Really lovely work, Lurline. I love the fabrics. I simply love Civil War history(even though my side lost). I really need to get these books.

Myra said...

Your blocks look absolutely wonderful Lurline!!! Love your fabric choices also!
You go girl!
Happy stitchings! 8-)

susan said...

you made 16 all in one sitting?? or over the weekend?? thats a lot of sewing
i think they look great!!

Tracy said...

These are beautiful! Great job!

Myra said...

Hey Lurline! Just responding to your comment on my blog. My daughter is indeed just loving it down your way! She said that she wants to stay... I reminded her that she promised to come home! 8-)

Candace said...

What a busy week-end you must have had. The blocks are beautiful and the colors are lovely.

Wendy said...

Those are awesome blocks and how fun to have a "expert quilter" to give you encouragement...LOL

Bizarre Quilter said...

OOh Lurline! I am loving these blocks. I have seen both the books. I made a Dear Jane. I would like to make one of the Civil War quilts too - the blocks are so colourful! I too love repro fabrics!
Lorraine in Gisborne