Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thoughts and Prayers for Dear Friends!

Dear friend, Maggie, above, with her three grandchildren plus two, phoned me late Monday afternoon from Brisbane to have a little chat and to let me know mutual friend, Jenny Reynolds of the Gold Coast has been through very risky surgery.

Maggie married a US military man, Jim, and lived in various places around the world and in the US for thirty years. She returned to settle in Brisbane and I had the good fortune to make a very dear friend of Maggie. Being a very creative and talented lady, Maggie shared wonderful ideas and fabrics from America and we shared very precious times together.

Maggie now makes bags and sells them at a Designer's Emporium , is very active in her church group and other associations - I guess one could call her a Professional Pleasure Seeker, too!

Now, to dear Jenny - many Australians will be familiar with Jenny Reynolds. Jenny is an extremely talented quilter and known for her ruched flowers, little girls, beautiful applique and hand-quilting. She has been featured in many patchwork magazines and has been designing and being published longer than I have been quilting, so that is over twelve years.

The story behind the Dancing Dolly Cushion is interesting. Our cottage group, Kindred Spirits, met weekly and as often happens we shared many beautiful home-made yummies and lunches. Jenny wasn't into cooking and out of the blue one day she surprised us all. She came in with about fourteen beautiful cushions and we could all take our pick. There was so much excitement and surprise and I treasure my dolly cushion and always will!

Jenny is a very private person, so I won't go into her illness, but my thought and prayers for a speedy recovery are with her.

Best wishes everyone!

5 Lovely People said ...:

Julia said...

I just love that cushion Lurline!,
I know you treasure that cushion from Jenny.

I know Jenny through her beautiful work in the magazines, my thoughts and prayers for her speedy recovery.
Hugs julia

Anonymous said...

Hi Lurline

Just read that Jenny had her surgery, will call Maggie and see how she is doing.
Love your blog, have been spending all day with Sophie, so another day without sewing or blogging.

Myra said...

What a lovely pillow, and what a thoughtful thing for Jenny to have done. Making you each a pillow! I can just imagine the excited frenzie over it all!
My best wishes go out to your friend Jenny. I probably have seen her work in my magazines...
Have a great day!

Candace said...

Lurline, you and your friend are in my prayers for her speedy recovery as you say. I can see by the pillow that she is very talented, that is one of the most beautiful that I have seen. I am going to have to try some dollies on one of my quilts some day, yours and Julia's and now Jenny's are so wonderful.

Lyn said...

Hi Lurline, I was wondering if you could help me please.I am sure, I saw a quilt made similar to the Dancing Dolly cushion. Would you know of the pattern and where one could purchase it. Warmest Regards Lyn It is truly a beautiful cushion.