Saturday, September 13, 2008

Butterflies and My Doll Quilt Swap Angel - Lisa!!!

Hi Everyone,

I am sure you will all know how thrilled I am with my new dolly quilt from Lisa. If only you could understand what joy this quilt brings to me at this time, Lisa - I will treasure it forever!

Lisa used some vintage reproduction fabrics and it is hand and machine quilted and an orginal design - I love it, love it, love it! Also included was an American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine, which I love, but don't have this particular copy, and also a very pretty, dainty fat quarter, and a lovely card.

I am working in Java Script??? and can't get up Lisa's blog so please visit her if you wish - I have also listed her on my sidebar, so maybe that will work. Someday soon I will get Julia to help me sort it out - meanwhile, hope I am getting there!

Mum moved to a nursing home, Shoalwater Lodge, yesterday. At present she is there on respite until we get the financial negotiations sorted out - it is a wonderful facility and I would think ***** as far as nursing homes go. Hopefully she will remain there in the room she is in - this is what I want for her!

Doesn't she look wonderful for less than a month off 90 years - I took her red roses and a beautiful little purple Thai silk elephant. Unfortunately, she had a fall last night, but fortunatley just cut her leg. I have been and read the riot act to her today - she really must allow those carers to care for her full time! Of all the tears I have shed, I am now convinced I can no longer care for her at home. Hopefully in the days to come, we will both feel as we do now, as she has accepted her situation with great grace and dignity and it is what she wants,too!

Being the neat-freak that I am, I have at last managed to get my house in order as much as I can considering the changes that are taking place. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to think about stitching again.

Thanks for being my friends and thank you once again, Lisa - you are a little ray of sunshine!

9 Lovely People said ...:

antique quilter said...

Love the little quilt you received .
So how do you like that issue of AP and Q????
hope you didn't laugh to much at my picture!

antique quilter said...

meant to say too that your Mum looks wonderful for almost 90~
wow I hope I look that good at 80~
take care of yourself you did the right thing...

Kristie said...

Your mom is beautiful!!! I hope all goes well with her and she is able to adjust quickly.

Love the quilt, it is sooooo cute! Take a deep breath and relax for a while. I'm sure when you get back to stitching it will be very relaxing to you also.
Take Care

Myra said...

Yes, your mother looks good for 90, and you did do the right thing, for her and yourself. Soon enough she will feel more at home there...

Adorable dolly quilt, and goodies to receive in the post! A wonderful surprise when it comes... 8-)

Happy stitchings to you when you get back into it! 8-)

Julia said...

I know all your going through, and it brought a lump to my throat when I saw Mum's picture there on your blog, she looks so beautiful and so lovely, of course you want the best for her..I hope she settles in well and it all works out for you and the family..

Love the dolly quilt!, it's just gorgeous, lovely and bright, just what you needed just now..
Love and hugs julia xx

loulee said...

Best wishes to you and your mother Lurline. I do hope you both adjust quickly to the new situation.

The new quilt is adorable.

Candace said...

Your mother is a beautiful lady and it sounds as if her mental attitude is as good as can be expected which will make it easier on you. It sounds like a very nice place and I'm sure she will have many visitors. I hope that everything works out well.

Linda said...

The butterfly quilt is gorgeous! Such a wonderful thing for Lisa to make for you!
Mum looks wonderful! The flowers are beautiful and the Thai elephant is too cute! Sorry to hear about her fall! One of the most astute things a client once told me was... of all the things they lost, their independance was what hit them the hardest! It is hard for some to ask for help or care - hopefully in time she will adjust to her surrounds and allow the aides to help her :) Remember to give yourself time... hard switching back to just being the daughter :)
HOpe you get in some stitching soon :)

Lisa W. said...

I am so glad you liked the doll quilt. I had fun making it for you. Your mother does look wonderful for being almost 90 years old. Wow! I will be praying for you that God gives you strength and peace in your time of need. Hugs!!!