Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Temple in Thailand and Posts Corrected!

I know my previous post of last night is a bit confusing - you see I was unable to post normally and enter a link. Donna, of Chookyblue helped me - all that time wasted trying to get things corrected. I just love, Chooky and have told her so!

As one would expect, I took stacks of photos of Thailand and here are a couple of the inside of one of the beautiful temples. You will notice Yours Truly has almost white? hair now - will post a decent photo when I get one. I liked it coloured as hairdressser daughter, Angela, did it, but I didn't like regrowth - I think I am happy with it now. Anyhow, this is not about me, me, me, just an explanation.

It was a very beautiful temple, with lots of floors - the lower pic is of dear friend, Oy - the young (27) Thai girl I have spoken about. I had a great tour of all the wall paintings explaining the Buddhist religion - a little too much to absorb in one go.

Oy was with us the whole time we were in Thailand and we all had such great times - I have very happy memories!

Off to WAQA (Guild) now - have a great day!

4 Lovely People said ...:

Cheryl said...

Your photos of the temples brought back such fond memories of Thailand. We were in the Jade Buddha temple when some monks from Tibet came in and started chanting/singing together. My daughter and I were so mesmerized that we didn't notice that the people on the tour bus had left. It is interesting to see such calm with such hustle and bustle all around it!

Chookyblue...... said...

nice holiday snaps.......pleased to help......just a good guess..........lol....

Candace said...

What a beautiful place, no wonder you loved your trip. I'll bet it makes it extra nice to have a friend who lives there and is able to spend time and be your tour guide. Your group's hourglass quilt is a stunner.

Julia said...

Lovely photos Lurline.. the little one look so cute...Hiedi in her little skirt!
I'm coming over soon to check out your hair!!looks nice in the pic.

Hugs Julia