Friday, September 19, 2008

Have a Good Weekend!

Yesterday I went to my local sewing group and shared a lovely day with friends - it is a while since I have been so it was nice to catch up on everything, sew and chat. I did manage to make a start on my Hexagon Sewing Bag - always so lovely to work with Kaffe Fassett fabrics - certainly not boring - I think I will be happy with the outcome - hope my mortal is!

This is a beautiful view from Karon Point, Phuket, Thailand - so peaceful and calm!
As I mentioned previously, Oy met us at the airport in Phuket and surprised me with this big basket of beautiful roses. Imagine dragging this beautiful creation through barricades and protestors and trying to keep the children safe. I wish I could have taken photos, but was too scared - I don't know what the protestors would have done if I had photgraphed them - I did think about it, but decided not to take the risk.

I am being a brave girl today and sprucing up Mum's room - must think happy thoughts while doing so! I visited again yesterday and she seems reasonably good about it all and is settling in. Have #1 Son's room to spruce up also, so hopefully can gather the necessary emotional strength this weekend and get things done.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

3 Lovely People said ...:

Myra said...

Beautiful hexagons Lurline... Love the fabrics! Now, I gotta ask you this since you've mentioned it in your last post also. What is a mortal?
A lovely photo from Karon Point... Very nice.
Wishing you the emotional strength that you need for this weekend... 8-)
Take care!

Julia said...

It's going to be a lovely bag Lurline...
I'm sure your angel will love it!
You can do it... be brave and think good happy thoughts, Mum is in good care, and being looked after..
Hugs Julia

em's scrapbag said...

The hexagons are great.