Saturday, September 27, 2008

Scrap Happy Project!

Wow ... I have woken up feeling so well this morning, I can't believe it! I feel better than I have done in months, so new asthma treatment and antibiotics have finally kicked in. I am so happy and so determined to have a good weekend!

It's a bit of a story, but all being well I will bring Mum home again later next week - she is really well now and really wants to come home, so lets hope and pray she doesn't continue to have falls. I am thinking I may have my wings clipped a bit and may be at home a bit more with Mum and have been really wanting to think of starting a new project (yes, another, don't we all do it!).

Dear Kathie Holland (Inspired by Antique Quilts), a wonderful inspiration to us all is having a little break away from blogging at the moment. However, I was fortunate enough to be sent the above magazine featuring one of her quilts (American Patchwork & Quilting October 2008). My Dolly Quilt Swap partner sent it and I'm feeling very sentimental about Kathie's design, so I have been inspired to put my own twist on it with a sort of Thirties touch using the lower blue Kaffe Fassett fabric as my feature fabric. Sort of whimsical and quirky, but I think it will work - hope to trial later next week.

While racing about this week, I decided I really must buy a new handbag. Did a lot of searching, it had to have access to car keys, glasses, mobile phone, etc. I really procrastinate when shopping, so am pleased about finding this bag. It is a little different, by Nica of London, so let's hope it stands the test of time. It should go with everything and there should be plenty of room for me to lose things in it!

The roses are starting to bloom again, though we are still having quite a lot of cold, wet weather. Should not be long now until all the annuals are in bloom.

Hope you all have a good weekend! Thanks for visiting!

6 Lovely People said ...:

Myra said...

A new project! Good for you Lurline! Great fabrics! Love the new purse. Good luck with your mom...
Pop on over, I am having a giveaway!
Happy stitchings! 8-)

Unknown said...

hello have just popped over to say your new project..sounds like you are up to it now...that's Good.
will catch up again soon
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Chookyblue...... said...

maybe you are feeling the best for months due to the fact that you have been stressing and worrying about your mum and caring for have had time to recover...........

Kristie said...

Well wishes to your mom! I hope all goes well. I love the new quilt pattern, I think I also have that issue!

the Campfollower said...

HI Lurline!

First, here is a link to the Flickr Doll Quilt Swap group
Signups for the next round are on October 1. So that will be very soon.

Second, but more important I have the wonderful doll quilt you made me for Doll Quilt Swap 4. I collected it from the post office last week. I just LOVE it. You did an incredible job. Everything is so precise and the stitches are so delightfully tiny. I have it hanging up in my sewing studio. Thank you so much for being my partner!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Hope your Mum's settles in well back at home. Love your new fabrics and the Scrap Happy design. I was just admiring your lovely sewing room in an earlier post - what a great outlook it has!