Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hexagon Sewing Bag for My Mortal!

As you can see ... a new pic of me with white? hair! Dark roots are fashionable ... white roots, not so! This way regrowth won't be noticeable - DD, Angela (hairdresser) is not at all impressed - however, we have agreed to disagree and I'm sure she will go back to being my hairdresser again! All sounds a bit vain and self-centred but girls will be girls - just a shame I had to go prematurely white (LOL)!

We all had a lovely day together yesterday at WAQA (Guild) - so good to catch up with friends - lots of news and gossip and new quilts and projects to see.

As you can see by my sidebar, I have become a Stitcher's Angel. Henreike has stated she likes country colours, but happened to mention the name Kaffe Fassett. That was enough for me - so today I will start on the dilly bag above for her! I love anything Kaffe and happened to have the patterned fabric on hand. It is a bright, happy project for me and that is what I need at the moment. Hope she likes it?

Hope to have a cuppa with Julia today - haven't seen her since before I went to Thailand - though we chat all the time.

Hope all is well - bye!

6 Lovely People said ...:

loulee said...

The new 'Do' is very nice. Don't worry I'm sure your daughter will come round.

antique quilter said...

What a nice little sewing bag...pretty fabrics, was it hard to make?
Oh I like your new hair color....and I so understand :)
why is it when you turn 50 everything really starts to change!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lurline I love your new hair colour, it does look great.
Hm change at 50?? I have been grey a lot longer,vbg. I mean silver.


em's scrapbag said...

Your hair is lovely.

Julia said...

Love the new photo and the new natural hair colour...I've seen it girls and it looks lovely!
Lovely to catch up yesterday..
Hugs julia

Cornfield Quilter said...

Love the hair color! Sometimes we just need to shake things up. :D