Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Good Start to the Week!

Oh, how lovely this looks to me - this is my sewing room! It has been a MESS for weeks and has been really bugging me, so yesterday was the day. I didn't get any sewing done over the weekend and have a busy week ahead, but maybe later in the week I will get a chance. Have made so many promises to myself to keep the room tidy ... we'll see how we go!

I use the front lounge room of the house as my Sewing Room and at this point in time could move to a bedroom, but prefer to stay where I am - lovely bright, sunny outlook - the roses are all in bud - and it is nice to see the passing traffic, especially as it is often people and their dogs.

I had a surprise visit from Jan and Bill of Gallivantour on Sunday - they are down in Perth for a wedding - it was just lovely to catch up with them - check out their travels around Australia. The change away really agrees with them - they are looking lightly tanned and healthy as!

Off to Teena's for sewing today - hope to catch up with lots of friends. Have a busy week ahead as I'm not too happy about the situation with Mum in the nursing home, so it's a week of social workers and doctors.

'Bye, 'bye!

5 Lovely People said ...:

em's scrapbag said...

I am jealous of the view from your sewing room. Good luck with the social workers and doctors. What a good daughter you are.

Myra said...

What a lovely, spacious sewing room you have Lurline! I see you sewing machine is tilted forward a tad. Never tried that. Is it helpful in that position?
The bright view out your front window looks absolutely delightful to sit at. 8-)
My thoughts are with you with regards to your mum/social workers/doctors...
I wish you a good week.

Sweet P said...

Your room is wonderful! Good job on it.

Donna said...

What a great sewing room. Mine is NEVER that neatly cleaned. I so enjoyed the news from your trip. I can't believe you rode an elephant. You are one brave adventurer!! I hope you can get everything to your satisfaction with your mum.

Auntie Jappa said...

How good a feeling is it when you get orderly, eh!!!!
It looks very peaceful, I am sure you will love playing in here!