Friday, October 9, 2009

Hire-a- Hubby Day!

When I do something, I do it properly!

Meet my new Hubby - kinda cute, hey! Sadly I have him for five hours only - see the weed mat going down, roses transplanted and new ones to go in - oh, yes, I am doing a happy dance!

Back to reality - here are my hexies for Green Tea & Sweet Beans! In this quilt, I have taken the opportunity to use little pieces of fabrics from Nanette of Freda's Hive even though fabrics are supplied in the BOM package - just a few nice little memories to have!

I recently read a tip to use Bottom Line thread for English paper piecing - wonderful - invisible stitches and will withstand the heat of a very hot iron - must have a little try on my applique!

GT&SB uses newspaper print for the backgound on a couple of blocks - I love it and quite a few people have been intrigued by it! good news - new from moda Authentic - so shop away, Girls! I noticed in Barbara Brackman's book When the Cold Wind Blows, some of the leaves in a particular pattern have been done in a pretty blue newspaper print fabric, so how very versatile is this!
PS - good news Aussie Girls - I have just opened an email from Busy Thimbles - woohoo! they have this range in stock
New book and a new jelly roll of Kaffe's 2009.

I rather fancy this gorgeous pattern by Kim McLean - very tempting, so we'll see! More Kaffe's to come, so my stash will be very healthy!
Perhaps I should mention I do seriously support local and Australian patchwork stores - just every now and then I get a little distracted with armchair shopping and every day an exciting new range of fabrics seems to take my fancy - I think I have a lot of friends with the same disease, LOL!

I'm looking forward to a productive weekend - hope yours is a happy one, too!

28 Lovely People said ...:

Purple and Paisley said...

wow, more like hire-a-hunk day! woo, hoo! ☺

beautiful stuff and i love the kim mclean pattern! wonderful!

Julia said...

I might not recognize your place and drive right pass, after all this work is done..
Hmm, yes he is rather cute!
I use Bottom line for applique all the time..great thread, love it!

Hugs Julia ♥

Nedra said...

Thanks for the plug for Bottom Line from Superior Threads. We now carry a 35 color bobbin set in BL that is so easy to take with you for applique. See Superiors web site:
They are called Holy SuperBOB's.
Your hire a hubby is a very novel idea!

Willow Grove - Kez said...

Oh Yum. I need a hubby every day. Lots of gardening here. lol

Thank for the info in the bottom line. I will look into it.

Anonymous said...

Oh you little armchair shopper, I do the same.
Got my Kaffe books the other day too, love it.

Very cute hubby.


My name is Riet said...

That is cute hubby Lurline. LOve the hexies. I started making a hexagon two years ago, I must get on with that one day. First my Christmas quilting and some finishing to do.
Have a nice weekend

antique quilter said...

ahhhh love the new book too!
great article on Kim Mclean don't you think?
oh and her new quilt ah yes on my list someday..but with repro's!!!!!
love that newspaper print fabric too
I may have to buy some of that soon

Sue said...

Nice hubby. Do you think I'd get two 30 year olds in exchange for my 60 year old if I rang that company?
Such a busy post I don't know what to comment on. It's all great.

Barb said...

Oh.....I love your your purchases, the man in your yard, will he rent out? Just loved it all.

Janet said...

I'm mad about text prints and have that on my list. Is the hire a hubby one step down from a pool boy, you did say you have champagne tastes on a beer budget, lol.I may have to investigate the bobbin set of bottom line.

PatchworkRose said...

Hi Lurline
Just love those hexies. The colours are wonderful. I am all for a bit of sentiment in every quilt. Your Hire a Hubby looks happy. Have you been feeding him lemonade??? Must say I am tempted with the new Keffe book and there is something about Kim McLean's quilts isn't there.
Have fun and enjoy your new look garden :-)

*karendianne. said...

Oh what a lovely post. Perked me right up. I think I should admit that I have that same disease that flairs up with the armchair. No cure to be found as of yet. As I understand it, they're unsure if it's a "Syndrome" or a "Disease." Until they work it - we're left to our own devices. hee!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim said...

You are too funny......all those projects going on and still looking for the next one!
I love all things Kaffe........his colors are devine!
Well... I would have a hard time not watching that cute little hired hubby while he worked ;0).
Hope you have beautiful roses all summer...we of course are in Fall and loving all the trees changing here in NY.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Those little hexies are so pretty.
I'm a big Kaffe fan also. He certainly has a way with color.
I'd be doing a happy dance too. Send him my way when you finish with him. lol I need some help with my gardening.

Micki said...

I love that pattern too...It is very tempting, I am sure.

em's scrapbag said...

You make me laugh!
Love your hexagons!

Gari in AL said...

I have looked all over here in the US and I cannot find a hubby to hire. lol Thank goodness my SIL occasionally comes over to mow my yard. Of course, yesterday he did get dirt and grass clippings all over my new car!

Amanda Jean said...

your hexagons are making me swoon!!! it tempts me to start one of those. (like i need yet another project!!!) :)

Stephanie Hughes said...

Love the hexagons! I have never done this pattern. Is it hard? I would love to try it. Your rent-a-hubby is cute. Does he come to Maryland? LOL Love your posts, look forward to them.

Deb said...

hexies are great and I knew would find your own fabrics. Never occurred to me to do the paper piecing! Is it fun? I just pieced mine as normal and it took quite some time.

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Lurline, you are too funny, I bet that young man could pick up a lot of work from your post.
Love your hexies and the colors and the project in the book, hope to see it on your list soon. Gorgeous.
Keep Stitchen'

Sherri said...

Good stuff...all of it! Love the hexies...reminds me that I need to get working on mine!

Rumi said...

Fun post Lurline! Your hexies and your hired hubby are both looking good!

Bunny said...

You devil you, what a cute hubby :) Nice to get the work done and have it done by a handsome young thing. Love your hexies and will have to look for Kaffe's new book love all his work. His knitting and quilting and mosaics. Met him and even got a hug from him LOL. I am sure he hugs all the girls even though his partner is a very nice handsome young man. Have a great day.

Jay said...

A fun post. The hired hubby is ADORABLE! I could find lots of things for him to do around here. I don't understand why you're using Bottom Line thread. That's all polyester. 100% is so much nicer, and from everything I've ever heard it is better in our quilts because it's completely compatible with the all cotton fabric. Superior Threads also has a large selection of bobbins filled with the Masterpiece 100% Cotton Thread. Here's a link to the webpage. At the bottom of the page there's even a spot where you can order all 36 bobbins in a handy keeper ring. That's just my two cents. Happy Quilting! Jay

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Hubby for a day (or half a day) is a great idea!! I love your post Lurline, you do beautiful work. I haven't started my gt & sb one yet, but you certainly inspire me! Great Kaffe book there! Have a wonderfully stitchingly full weekend xo

wishes, true and kind said...

Oh, I hadn't seen that new Kim McLean yet! Gorgeous!!!

Nanette Merrill said...

Your hexies are so cute. They stand straight and tall. Love the fabric, *wink*. Thanks for the mention. And I have that Kaffe book too. I keep looking at it like a picture book for a kid.