Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baby Caroline and Her Antique Dolly Quilt

Baby Caroline is the first porcelain doll I ever made - peaceful little thing, isn't she? I have given the dolly quilt to my dear little granddaughter, Heidi Rose. I loved making this little quilt - it is done in the double pinks and I have hand quilted it.

I am going to make another dolly quilt, hopefully this weekend. I have a list of chores ... tidy sewing room (again!), try to install Civil War Diary Quilt CD, tidy computer desk and sort out fabrics for my Hexagon Quilt. Housework and meals are under control - I have a lovely new slow cooker, so it is great to be organized in that field - now to nicer chores!

Best wishes all.

5 Lovely People said ...:

Candace said...

What a good grandmother you are. Are you going to do a quilt that is similar, or different? Aren't slow cooker's convenient.

Julia said...

So sweet and adorable Lurline,
Heidi must love this little dolly quilt.

antique quilter said...

adorable doll quilt
love the fabrics you used :)

Myra said...

A lovely little quilt Lurline!
Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on your method of sewing on your binding!
Shall visit you again sometime!

Donna said...

Cute, Cute, Cute! I love little quilts. I have been telling myself lately that I need to make myself a few more of them.