Monday, May 5, 2008

Fabulous Sale - Creative Patchwork & Sewing

I have been to Creative Patchwork & Sewing/Mandurah this morning to collect a raffle quilt that has been on display down there. Although I am in no way affiliated with this business I would like to share the news with Perth girls and, Ellen, Debbie and Roselea are very kind and helpful.

I bought the above: 4.3m foreground fabric (a beautiful Judie Rothermal reproduction), .5m of the cats, dogs and both greens, 2m pink, and 3m of beautiful winter white Emma Louise fabric (beautiful and fine for handquilting). This little adventure cost me around A$130, Which is great value for us Aussie girls.

The shop has AT LEAST 30% sale on ALL FABRICS and another 10% off before 11am for Early Birds and is called MAY MADNESS SALE.

It is a lovely shop with lots and lots of fabrics and a great variety of themes - so if you live in WA and it is feasible to travel there, don't miss out on a bargain. The phone number is 08 9586 2733, so perhaps phone ahead first to make sure they haven't run out of fabrics.


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